Name Motti
Gender Female
Weight Small (3.15kg)
Date of Birth May 20, 2018
Breed Poodle
Neutered O
Vaccinated In Progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Facility
Characteristics Cute, kind, timid, gentle
Likes Treats, dog friends
Dislikes Sudden movements

Rescue story
After receiving a tip about five abandoned dogs and the remains of another, WEACT went to a breeding facility in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju. It had been two years since our last visit, but the place appeared frozen in time, hardly different from before. The dogs' lives hadn't improved at all, suffering from neglect as the local authorities turned a blind eye. They were left to scavenge for food in constant hunger and forced into continuous breeding and birthing cycles. When the breeder became aware of our rescue attempt, he tried to secretly relocate the dogs under the cover of night. During this process, we also discovered and saved additional mother dogs and their pups hidden in nearby vacant lots, neighboring yards, and even inside homes. Through persistent persuasion and negotiation, we finally convinced the unscrupulous breeder to give up ownership. With the assistance of the KK9 organization, we successfully rescued all the dogs in the breeder’s possession. Among them was #weact_motti, who was finally able to escape the harrowing world of a breeding operation driven by human greed and embrace a new life.

‘I feel like I can do it if you teach me! Can you help me?’
In a realm untouched by sunlight, a rescued pup named Motti now steps into a radiant world. Everyone was so worried that this vast world would overwhelm her, but bit by bit, Motti is mustering the courage to conquer her fears. From taking her first walk, using potty pads, to playing freely with friends in a spacious playground, she’s embracing pockets of joy. Witnessing her happy face, a twinge of regret surfaces for not coming to her aid sooner and ushering her into these moments of delight. As she experiences diverse activities and adventures, we anticipate Motti capturing her day’s finest and happiest memories. Would you like to help make her journey more colorful and rich?

With humans
During her time at the breeding facility, whenever a human touched Motti, she would receive injections. This history has left her tense when touched by people. Rather than approaching Motti eagerly, please allow her the time she needs. As she grows in confidence, accepting love from people, she will gradually open up and draw closer to you.

With dogs
Motti gets along well with dogs of all sizes and genders. Nevertheless, if an overly excited friend approaches her, she might become overwhelmed, particularly given her small stature. Kindly observe the situation and assist both dogs in greeting each other calmly.

With cats
Considering Motti's personality and behavior, she's likely to get along well with a cat. However, please ensure that the cat's temperament aligns with Motti's to be sure.

Energy level
While Motti doesn't have a high energy level, she enjoys going for walks. Therefore, taking her on a daily walk or engaging in brief outings multiple times a day would be wonderful. This would help her explore and gain insights about the world.

Motti doesn't shed excessively and might bark in response to nearby dogs' barking. Other than that, she doesn’t bark much, but it could vary based on the surroundings.

Needs help with
As Motti hasn't had many opportunities for diverse experiences, the world might feel overwhelming. Kindly introduce her gradually to new and unfamiliar situations. Motti is also in the process of learning to coexist with humans. Please teach her about using potty pads and how to wear a leash, step by step.

Health specifics
Motti is quite lean and sometimes picky with her food, so providing nutrition-rich and appealing meals would be beneficial. Regular veterinary check-ups and ear cleaning are necessary since her ears weren't well taken care of prior to rescue.

Ideal family
It would be wonderful if Motti's new home could give her a calm and peaceful daily life. As she's sensitive to loud noises and abrupt movements, a calm household would be just right. If there are children in the family, it's preferable that they are of an age where they can understand and consider her temperament. Since Motti was nursing until just before the rescue, please make sure she receives a balanced diet rich in diverse nutrients. If she declines her food due to a lack of appetite, consider offering frozen-dried treats and wet food. Motti takes pleasure in leisurely moments and rest, so providing a soft blanket and a designated rest area will help her settle in better. She’s in the process of learning to coexist with humans and may occasionally make mistakes. Instead of reprimanding her, we hope you can extend your support and guide her patiently. Motti is seeking a forever family that will spend time with her and share all sorts of experiences together.

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