WEACT is a registered non-profit organization in Korea and the U.S. dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused dogs in Korea. WEACT is 100% volunteer-run by crew members who are committed to running all aspects of rescue operations.

WEACT has rescued around 1167 dogs from the brink of death and found loving forever families for over 1016 dogs


WEACT rescues dogs from abuse and neglect at dogmeat farms, slaughterhouses, puppy mills, natural disasters and emergencies. For all our dogs, we manage the entire process from their initial rescue to their adoptions.


Upon rescue, all our dogs are immediately sent to our partner vets where they get thoroughly tested and treated. After the necessary medical treatments, our dogs begin their preparations for a new life at our foster homes, our shelter or a training facility.


After an extended period of time in loving foster homes or our shelter, we begin searching for our dogs’ furever families domestically and internationally via individual adopters or with the help of overseas partner groups. Since 2018, WEACT has successfully rehomed over 1016 dogs.

Founded by two women, who ran into each other cleaning up dog poop at a dogmeat farm.

On July 22nd 2018,
Ivy and Annie ran into each other on Hanam dogmeat farm: Annie was cleaning up dog poop and Ivy was transporting her rescue dogs. The two instantly connected because they were glad to meet another English speaker and they shared a common passion: saving dogs. Little did they know at the time that this chance encounter will eventually turn into a formidable friendship that has rescued over 1,076 Korean dogs together.

Weact KOREA - Annie Ham
Weact USA 501(c)(3) - Ivy Yoon

Our History

  • Jun 2018

    Hanam dogmeat farm
  • Jul 2018

    Team ‘WEACT’ formed in Korea
  • Oct 2018

    Gwangju dogmeat farm | Haram from neglect and abuse at Seocho dog cafe | Lucky from abuse in Hanam
  • Nov 2018

    Byeolnae dogmeat farm
  • Jan 2019

    Starving strays under Galmae bridge | Family tied to 3ft chain in Ulsan | Stray family in Jeju
  • Feb 2019

    Family of feral dogs at Hanam construction site | Beolgyo dog slaughterhouse
  • Mar 2019

    Jindo pups from Hongseong dogmeat farm
  • Apr 2019

    Goseong wildfire
  • May 2019

    Yangsan dogmeat farm: 64 dogs
  • Jul 2019

    Cheonan slaughterhouse
  • Nov 2019

    Cheonan animal hoarder
  • Dec 2019

    Siheung dogmeat farm: 65 dogs
  • Jan 2020

    Anseong dogmeat farm: 66 dogs
  • May 2020

    WEACT registered as a non-profit organization in Korea
  • Jun 2020

    Nowon trashed apartment hoarder
  • Jul 2020

    Chidong from neglect at Dongtan construction site | Family abandoned and starved in Hanam
  • Sep 2020

    Seafood restaurant dogmeat farm: 5 dogs
  • Nov 2020

    Jolie from abuse and neglect in Yangju
  • Dec 2020

    Chuncheon illegal puppy mill: 45 dogs | Puppy locked up in the trunk of a car | Venice, starving and neglected in Donghae
  • Jan 2021

    Family covered in scabies from Ganghwa Island
  • Feb 2021

    Dakota the stray with scabies and mange | Muni and Juni abandoned at a school in Muju
  • Mar 2021

    Hwaseong Paltan dogmeat farm: 17 dogs | WEACT registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the U.S.
  • Apr 2021

    Gimpo dog farm: 22 dogs
  • May 2021

    Gimpo Hyangsanri dogmeat farm: 8 dogs
  • Jun 2021

    Eumseong dog slaughterhouse: 10 dogs
  • Aug 2021

    Gumi dog hell: 93 dogs
  • Sep 2021

    Three-legged Miles from the streets of Yangpyeong
  • Oct 2021

    Family saved from euthanasia at Chungnam city shelter | WEACT accredited as a non-profit corporation by Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Nov 2021

    Breeze the guard dog from mountains in Yongin | Yeoju dogmeat farm: 3 dogs
  • Dec 2021

    Namyangju illegal puppy mill village: 300+ dogs
  • Jan 2022

    Neglected and starving dogs in Hwaseong
  • Feb 2022

    Starving dogs in Andong that were forced to eat another dog
  • Mar 2022

    Abandoned dogs from Uljin wildfire | Dogs from Uljin city shelter euthanasia
  • Apr 2022

    Abandoned puppies trapped in agricultural aqueducts | Tree caught in a leg-hold trap | Scabies family: 10 dogs | Stray with a mutilated leg and her pups

Designer, Artist, Cellist, Teacher, Researcher, Business Owner, a.k.a. Korean dogs' guardians.

  • Founder

    Annie Hyeongsun Ham

  • Support

    Arum Jung

  • Brand

    Baek Jungmi

  • Flight

    Chanmi Park

  • Brand

    Dabin Hong

  • PR

    Gyuri Kim

  • Foster&Adopt

    Hana Sun

  • Flight

    Hyejin Kwak

  • Support

    Hyemi Kim

  • PR, Bridge

    Hyeran Mo

  • The Home

    Hyeun Kim

  • Training

    Hyunsun Park

  • PR

    Inyoung Chae

  • Bridge

    Jina Im

  • Bridge

    Jiseon Kwak


    Jiwon Choi

  • Bridge

    Jiwon Jung


    Mingee Arkle

  • PR, Brand

    Moonyoung Joe

  • The Home

    Nakyung Seo


    Richard Prasad

  • Adoption & Foster

    Seoeun Chi

  • Bridge

    Sieun Hong

  • Foster&Adopt

    Sieun Lee

  • Bridge

    Soyeon Kim

  • Foster&Adopt

    Suyoung Oh


    Yoojeong Min

Our Partners

It takes a global village to save and rehome Korean rescue dogs! Our international network of partner rescue groups & organizations is the key to our rescue dogs' freedom & happiness.

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