Name Zio
Gender Male
Weight Medium (10.5kg)
Date of Birth April 24, 2019
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Yongin Animal Protection Center
Characteristics Loves people, charming, affectionate, outgoing, mischievous
Training Outdoor potty-trained, knows "sit"
Likes Guardians, fields, treats, dog friends, ball, food
Dislikes Large gestures, loud noises, thunderstorm sounds, being touched suddenly

Rescue story
Operating solely on a fixed national budget, the Yongin Animal Protection Center was far exceeding its role as a local animal shelter. It classifies dogs based on temperament and size to efficiently use the exercise area and provides meticulous care for those with weak immune systems. WEACT visited the center to donate potty pads and decided to rescue three dogs that seemed to require urgent medical attention, in collaboration with the Yongin Animal Protection Center. Despite suffering from a broken leg and heartworm infection, #weact_zio found a new home at WEACT.

Zio loves everyone! When meeting dog friends, he actively approaches them, sniffs around, and wags his tail during playtime to show affection. If he notices his guardian watching him during play, he eagerly runs over and conveys his experiences through his eyes, as if saying, 'I had such a blast playing with the squeaky ball today!' or 'I received delicious treats from those wonderful people!' Zio's amiable nature becomes apparent in how he initially approaches new people, engaging in sniffing and getting close. He even barks in delight when recognizing someone from a distance just by hearing their footsteps. Zio is undeniably charming!

With humans
Zio loves everyone, regardless of age or gender. He actively approaches strangers to offer sniffs and greetings! Once he warms up to you, get ready for lots of kisses and a taste of his adorable charm.

With dogs
Zio is super friendly and greets new dog buddies with curiosity. However, his enthusiastic approach could put some dog friends on edge, so keep an eye out to prevent any potential conflicts.

With cats
Rosaline has never encountered cats.

Energy level
Because Zio has a lot of energy, he needs at least two walks a day. He really enjoys bounding around big fields with other dogs and has a blast playing with squeaky balls.

Zio sheds quite a bit and tends to bark when he wants something, like saying “Feed me now!” or “I really missed you!

Needs help with
Zio is comfortable going potty both indoors and outdoors, although his potty pad success rate is around 70%, resulting in occasional accidents. His inquisitive nature occasionally prompts leash pulling during walks. Zio also has a strong appetite, leading him to steal treats from his friends. Additionally, his exuberance sometimes leads to tripping while eagerly greeting others, suggesting teaching him patience could be helpful. Training could work wonders across these areas.

Health specifics
Zio was discovered with a broken right front leg when rescued, and due to abrasion and nerve damage, he underwent amputation surgery. Today, he confidently walks and runs on his remaining three legs, but he's still undergoing treatment for stage three heartworm. Zio’s enthusiasm for food occasionally results in overeating and bouts of diarrhea, so it's important to regulate his food intake and establish healthy eating habits.

Ideal family
Zio's dream family would be one that cherishes quality time together and delights in creating a tapestry of diverse experiences. Despite having three legs, Zio is brimming with vitality. He's quite sociable with other dogs, making him a good match for homes with resident dogs. As he might get startled by sudden movements or large gestures, it's wise to approach him gradually and touch where he can see. With ongoing vaccinations, we're hopeful that his new family can prioritize his well-being and shower him with affection.

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