Name Kai
Gender Male
Weight Small (3.9kg)
Date of Birth May 16, 2020
Breed Long-haired chihuahua
Neutered O
Vaccinated In Progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Facility
Characteristics Has trauma, likes people, cute, independent, loving, marking king
Training Outdoor potty-trained, knows "let's go" and his name
Likes People, walks, nose work, dogs with a similar physique to himself, fields
Dislikes Big dogs, being held, trying to do something to his body

Rescue story
After receiving a tip about five abandoned dogs and the remains of another, WEACT went to a breeding facility in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju. It had been two years since our last visit, but the place appeared frozen in time, hardly different from before. The dogs' lives hadn't improved at all, suffering from neglect as the local authorities turned a blind eye. They were left to scavenge for food in constant hunger and forced into continuous breeding and birthing cycles. When the breeder became aware of our rescue attempt, he tried to secretly relocate the dogs under the cover of night. During this process, we also discovered and saved additional mother dogs and their pups hidden in nearby vacant lots, neighboring yards, and even inside homes. Through persistent persuasion and negotiation, we finally convinced the unscrupulous breeder to give up ownership. With the assistance of the KK9 organization, we successfully rescued all the dogs in the breeder’s possession. Among them was #weact_kai, who was finally able to escape the harrowing world of a breeding operation driven by human greed and embrace a new life.

With a sophisticated appearance and kindness to match, everyone will fall for Kai’s charm! Kai loves both people and animals. He readily welcomes touch even from strangers, genuinely embracing people of all ages and genders. Kai possesses one of the warmest hearts imaginable, extending his kindness to all animals. He eagerly approaches cats, engaging them in playful interactions, and even joins in enthusiastic playtime with dog friends who share his physique! Are you familiar with Kai’s contradictory charm at all? It lies in his aloofness! While he relishes basking in the warmth of human touch, if someone attempts to hold him, he confidently expresses his refusal. Moreover, he doesn't show much interest in toys and has an independent nature without any signs of separation anxiety. With his contrasting charms and captivating handsome looks, it could be a natural phenomenon that Kai wins everyone over!

With humans
Kai really loves people, irrespective of their gender. He takes pleasure in soaking up the warmth of human touch, but he isn't fond of being held with his belly exposed.

With dogs
The presence of larger dogs appears to unsettle Kai, causing him to growl and show hesitance. Nevertheless, when he encounters dogs of a comparable size, he eagerly interacts with them. Every now and then, Kai might attempt to climb onto the backs of other dogs. However, please calmly manage this behavior and explain to the dogs and their owners that it could be a result from breeding trauma.

With cats
Kai wants to play with cats and approaches them first in a friendly manner.

Energy level
Kai requires walks at least twice a day. He enjoys sniffing around, exploring, and his energy peaks when strolling through vast, open areas. He frequently marks his territory and relieves stress during walks.

Kai isn't a heavy shedder and doesn't tend to bark much, but this behavior can vary based on the surrounding environment.

Needs help with
Kai has a 50% success rate with potty pads and requires consistent potty training. Due to his tendency to mark indoors, Kai wears belly bands except when sleeping. During walks, Kai's curiosity often leads him to pull in his desired direction, and he occasionally tries to retrace his steps. Providing appropriate training will help him progress during walks. Additionally, Kai struggles with using stairs. Introducing stair usage gradually is important to ensure he becomes comfortable and unafraid.

Health specifics
Despite enduring light-deprived environments with his petite frame, Kai managed to survive. However, the accompanying mental and physical strain was inevitable. Currently, he is dealing with cataracts, patellar luxation, and is under suspicion of having hydrocephalus. Additionally, surgical correction for perineal hernia is deemed necessary. There are also traces of reproductive organ deformation due to forced breeding. Kai also experiences entropion, a condition that leads to fur loss around his eyes, accompanied by excessive tear flow and eye scratching.

*Entropion refers to the edge of the eyelid curling inward towards the eye, causing fur to constantly touch the eye. This can lead to tear flow and eye rubbing.

Ideal family
We're searching for a family for Kai that can offer constant protection and care, no matter the situation. He's eager for a bright future, ready to leave his past behind. It's natural to feel a mix of regret, guilt, and admiration for his strength in tough times, given his small size. While he really loves human touch, the trauma from forced breeding has made him not enjoy being picked up. If you try things like holding his waist, giving eye drops, or cleaning around his eyes, he might instinctively resist out of fear. But with patience and perseverance, he'll gradually come to understand the meaning behind these actions. Kai loves other dogs, so if there's a similar-sized pooch in the house, he'll happily share good times with them. Please set up a spot where he can rest on his own, like a kennel. This space will let him take a break during playtime or just chill whenever he wants. We're on the lookout for a lifelong family with a sense of responsibility and patience, who will take meticulous care of Kai's health and well-being.

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