Name Daku
Gender Male
Weight Medium (11kg)
Date of Birth August 31, 2020
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Loves foster mom, energetic, affectionate, sweet, prudent
Training Indoor and outdoor potty-trained
Likes Foster parents, guardians at The Home, fields, treats, walks, dog friends, food
Dislikes Loud noises, sudden movements and touch, unfamiliar people

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were being neglected in a shed in Mungyeong. The previous owner was ignorant of the importance of sterilization and failed to provide proper care. Due to uncontrolled breeding, there was overpopulation. The dogs were standing in their own feces, barely surviving on contaminated water and food. It took three separate trips to rescue a total of 48 dogs, and #weact_daku was one of the survivors to finally take a step outside the dreadful shed.

Daku may seem like a tough guy, but he’s actually sweet, prudent, and brave. Having been abandoned with other dogs in the shed, he faced challenges during his early encounters with humans. However, with the support of caring guardians at The Home, he developed a deeper understanding of people. He also discovered a world vastly distinct from the cramped shed by running around the open field. Daku still maintains a cautious distance from new or unfamiliar individuals, but once he forms a closer bond, he displays great affection and even offers kisses. Please give him enough time to feel comfortable in a relationship. Given his curious nature, you can help him feel at ease by letting him sniff as he approaches you. Daku’s playful spirit radiates as he happily chews on objects and darts around the field with his dog friends. He also possesses the adorable talent of quickly spotting treats in his guardian’s pocket and maintains unwavering eye contact during walks. Despite exhibiting slight tension when being leashed, he has mastered the art of waiting. When venturing into unfamiliar places, he finds the courage from their reassuring gazes and walks alongside them. Daku continues to grow with each passing day!

With humans
Daku doesn’t trust people yet. Even if familiar guardians at The Home suddenly make unexpected gestures or movements, he becomes anxious and cries out in fear. If someone unfamiliar approaches or tries to touch him, he will promptly respond with whimpering instead of barking.

With dogs
Daku enjoys running and playing with his dog friends in the field. He displays good manners towards those who treat him with respect. However, if a friend initiates a conflict, he can express his dislike, so please be mindful to avoid any conflicts.

With cats
Daku has never met a cat.

Energy level
Daku is a high-energy dog that requires at least two walks a day. He loves running and playing with other dogs in outdoor fields and happily accompanies the guardians around indoors. He enjoys chewing on toys and exploring them.

Daku sheds and barks in a low voice when encountering unfamiliar people Additionally, he may also whimper.

Needs help with
As Daku has only been at The Home since being rescued, he will encounter a variety of new experiences. Gradually exposing him to different situations and providing support will help him develop courage. While he is open to having his face touched, it may take some time for him to become comfortable with touch below his chin. Daku is currently undergoing crate training at The Home, but he faces challenges when trying to sit down. He has a tendency to bark when approaching others, so he needs appropriate training. Daku has made good progress in terms of both indoor and outdoor potty training, but he needs reminders regarding the proper use of pads when indoors.

Health specifics

Ideal family
Please be patient with Daku. If you are a family that can wait patiently for him to gather courage, he will gradually warm up. He enjoys the company of other dogs, so having a friendly resident dog already in the household will assist him in adapting to his new home. Due to Daku’s natural vibrancy and curiosity, the opportunity to channel the untapped energy within him alongside his forever family would be remarkable. He would greatly benefit from a stable routine, a positive outlook on life, and learning to give and receive love. It would be ideal if they have a flexible schedule to avoid leaving Daku alone for extended periods. A calm and peaceful home environment would be best, considering his sensitivity to sudden noises or movements. Daku longs for a family that will value and embrace his inner childlike spirit.

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