Name Gold
Gender Male
Weight Medium (13kg)
Date of Birth April 16, 2022
Breed French Bulldog
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Behind a restaurant near #WEACTTheHome
Characteristics Loves people, energetic, affectionate, sweet
Training Outdoor potty-trained, knows "sit," knows "paw"
Likes People, treats, walks, running, food
Dislikes Having his ears cleaned, loud sounds, sudden touch, crate

Rescue story
Behind a restaurant, not far from #WEACTTheHome, there were dogs confined to a fenced area made of wooden boards. Broken plastic shelters, scattered water containers, and short one-meter leashes restricted their freedom to mere observation. Despite the owners’ profound love for animals, these unfortunate circumstances arose from a lack of information and misguided practices. After continuous persuasion with the elderly couple running the restaurant, #weact_gold finally broke free from his one-meter life and embarked on a journey towards a wider world.

Fearless and spirited, Gold can accomplish anything!

Gold is a sweetheart who loves people. Not only does he welcome gentle touches from strangers, but he also captivates hearts with his twinkling eyes and snuggling into their arms. Confidence is another one of his endearing charms! With boundless energy, Gold happily dashes around indoors and eagerly embarks on walks. Fearlessly forging ahead is Gold’s defining trait. Although he initially struggled with knowing how to greet new friends, he has learned proper social skills with the help of the diverse group of friends he met at The Home. He is considerate and harmonious, getting along well with everyone. Even in intimidating and unfamiliar environments, Gold strives to learn and explore the vast world. With the confident and magnificent Gold by your side, you will be inspired to achieve anything you set your mind to!

With humans
Gold adores people of all ages and genders. His love for people is so profound that he willingly accepts touches and even cuddles in the arms of complete strangers. If you have the opportunity to experience him snuggling in your arms, you will be captivated by his warm embrace.

With dogs
Gold gets along well with all dog friends. When meeting new friends, he greets them calmly instead of playfully rushing towards them. He enjoys greeting them with a bright smile and a friendly disposition.

With cats
Gold has never met a cat.

Energy level
Gold needs to go on walks at least twice a day, every day. With abundant energy, he enjoys running around indoors on his own. During walks, he confidently takes the lead and expresses a strong desire to move forward swiftly!

Gold does not shed much and tends to express his needs by barking.

Needs help with
Gold has achieved an 80% success rate in indoor potty training! He understands the need to use the potty pad, but there may be occasional accidents. Continuous reinforcement in potty training will be beneficial. Due to Gold’s curious nature, he may unintentionally pull on the leash during walks. By using his favorite treats, you can teach him to walk in a relaxed manner and fully enjoy the leisurely moments. Gold strongly dislikes entering his crate. It would be helpful to use his favorite treats and toys to create a positive association and transform the crate into a comfortable and inviting space for him.

Health specifics
Gold’s ears are not in optimal condition, and he is currently undergoing treatment with an ointment. Due to potential discomfort, he may nip if you try to touch around his ears. Before applying the ointment, please make sure to use a neck collar on him to prevent any accidental injuries.

Ideal family
Considering Gold’s ongoing ear treatment and vaccinations, it would be ideal for him to be in a home where he can receive careful and attentive care. Spending ample time with him each day will help him understand that he is an integral part of the family. While Gold loves being around people, he also appreciates having his own space. Providing him with a designated space will help him quickly feel more comfortable. Given Gold’s high energy level, he requires a significant amount of activity. He loves running fast like the wind and would enjoy going on walks at least twice a day. Engaging in activities like running and playing with Gold will lead to fulfilling days for both of you. He shows exceptional attentiveness and progress when trained using his favorite treats. With patience and perseverance, you will witness his accomplishments one by one. Gold is searching for a lifelong family that is eager to explore and embark on adventures in the vast world together.

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