Name Velvet
Gender Female
Weight Small (2.3kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Poodle
Neutered O
Vaccinated In Progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Facility
Characteristics Energetic, affectionate, charming, a social butterfly
Likes People
Dislikes Kennel

Rescue story
After receiving a tip about five abandoned dogs and the remains of another, WEACT went to a breeding facility in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju. It had been two years since our last visit, but the place appeared frozen in time, hardly different from before. The dogs' lives hadn't improved at all, suffering from neglect as the local authorities turned a blind eye. They were left to scavenge for food in constant hunger and forced into continuous breeding and birthing cycles. When the breeder became aware of our rescue attempt, he tried to secretly relocate the dogs under the cover of night. During this process, we also discovered and saved additional mother dogs and their pups hidden in nearby vacant lots, neighboring yards, and even inside homes. Through persistent persuasion and negotiation, we finally convinced the unscrupulous breeder to give up ownership. With the assistance of the KK9 organization, we successfully rescued all the dogs in the breeder’s possession. Among them was #weact_velvet, who was finally able to escape the dark, stuffy breeding facility and embrace a new life.

All Velvet needs is people and their love. Despite being mistreated in the breeding facility, she adores people the most. Nothing else in this world matters to her; she doesn't desire food, toys, or even more love than her fellow furry friends. However, due to a lack of human affection in the past, she yearns to be with people and struggles with being alone. We can only imagine the efforts she made to seek love from the breeders, but now it's time to show her genuine love to help her forget the past. While she's still getting used to walks and learning to wear a leash, her love for people will guide her. When she finds a family that reciprocates her love, Velvet's world will be complete.

With humans
Velvet adores people immensely and craves their companionship. It seems that she regains love and finds healing through her interactions with them. Helping Velvet build close relationships with people is essential. It would be wonderful to introduce her to short greetings with passersby during walks and establish bedtime rituals with her forever family.

With dogs
Velvet has a gentle and kind disposition that allows her to get along well with all dogs, including resident dogs.

With cats
Velvet has never met or lived with cats.

Energy level
Velvet is an energetic bundle of joy who starts running as soon as she arrives at the field. Taking her for walks at least twice a day is necessary to fully expend her energy. Additionally, teaching her how to interact with other dogs, play with them, and bid farewell to her friends is important.

Velvet doesn't shed much, but her fur can get tangled, so regular grooming is necessary. She also tends to bark.

Needs help with
Coming from a place where living conditions were mixed with feces, Velvet might face challenges with potty training. Please be patient, and she'll get the hang of it eventually. She's actively practicing walking and will happily follow her guardian wherever they lead. Take her to new places and let her explore the world. When she encounters difficulties, step in to protect her and reassure her that you're there for her. Velvet is ready to trust and follow her guardian.

Health specifics
Velvet doesn't have any specific health issues, but as a small breed, she requires care for her patella.

Ideal family
Velvet endured an incredibly difficult life in a breeding facility for a long time, but she hasn't lost her trust in people. With them, she believes she can conquer anything. We hope she finds a family that will offer her the love, attention, and companionship she deserves, ensuring she isn't left alone for extended periods. As Velvet learns what being part of a family means, please prioritize her comfort. It's crucial to invest time in gradually introducing her to the routines and comforts of home life, such as providing her with comfy pillows, delicious treats, and enjoyable walks. Together, you can create valuable memories. Velvet is eagerly waiting for a family that will look into her eyes and walk beside her.

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