Name Shoushou
Gender Female
Weight Small (2.7kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Poodle Mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In Progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Facility
Characteristics Affectionate, loves dogs and people, energetic, a social butterfly, smiley
Training Kennel-trained
Likes Walks, dog friends, receiving love, running, family
Dislikes Loud noise, sudden touch, being lifted

Rescue story
After receiving a tip about five abandoned dogs and the remains of another, WEACT went to a breeding facility in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju. It had been two years since our last visit, but the place appeared frozen in time, hardly different from before. The dogs' lives hadn't improved at all, suffering from neglect as the local authorities turned a blind eye. They were left to scavenge for food in constant hunger and forced into continuous breeding and birthing cycles. When the breeder became aware of our rescue attempt, he tried to secretly relocate the dogs under the cover of night. During this process, we also discovered and saved additional mother dogs and their pups hidden in nearby vacant lots, neighboring yards, and even inside homes. Through persistent persuasion and negotiation, we finally convinced the unscrupulous breeder to give up ownership. With the assistance of the KK9 organization, we successfully rescued all the dogs in the breeder’s possession. Among them was #weact_shoushou, who was finally able to escape the dark, stuffy breeding facility and embrace a new life.

"Would you like to share this unique moment with me?"
Shoushou is friendly to everyone. She respects the individual personalities of other dogs and gets along well with them. She also adores people, eagerly expressing her delight when meeting new faces, and warmly approaching them with a welcoming demeanor. Shoushou brightens any environment with her radiant smile and charming personality that is sure to win everyone's affection. If Shoushou were to star in a TV show, she would likely shine as a sports athlete leading her team to victory, given her proficiency in various sports. Would you like to spend time with Shoushou, who possesses an array of charms?

With humans
Shoushou adores people but also harbors some fear. When she sees people, she jumps with excitement and wants to be embraced, but when someone's hand approaches her or tries to touch her, she becomes fearful. It would be better to gradually approach Shoushou at her own pace instead of attempting sudden contact.

With dogs
Shoushou enjoys spending time with other dogs of various personalities, size or gender.

With cats
Shoushou hasn't met or lived with cats before.

Energy level
Shoushou requires at least two walks a day. In safe, open areas like large fields, you'll witness her freely exploring off her leash, brimming with energy.

Shoushou tends to shed a bit and sometimes exhibits demand barking or when she wants to be with her friends.

Needs help with
Shoushou needs training to become familiar with touch and to learn how to live with people. Please be patient and give her plenty of time. In addition, she needs consistent leash training and potty training.

Health specifics
Shoushou is very healthy.

Ideal family
We hope that Shoushou’s new family can transform her painful past into happy memories. While she eagerly approaches people, she tends to keep her distance when someone tries to touch her, possibly due to her past experiences of maltreatment, including forced breeding and illegal vaccinations. Therefore, please avoid suddenly approaching or lifting her. Homes with very young children who may not yet understand Shoushou's sensitivities may not be suitable. However, since she gets along well with other dogs, homes with resident dogs are ideal. We are looking for a lifelong family who can help heal Shoushou's emotional scars, provide appropriate training, and share new and diverse experiences with her.

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