Name Mavelle
Gender Male
Weight Small (7kg)
Date of Birth May 20, 2018
Breed Jack Russel Terrier
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Breeding Hell Village
Characteristics Energetic, affectionate, jumper, loving, gets jealous easily
Training Crate-trained
Likes Ball, fields, food, treats, guardians, praises
Dislikes Hospitals, eye drops, loud noises, male dog friends, heat, waiting

Rescue story
After receiving a report of five neglected dogs and a dead dog, WEACT returned to Namyangju after two years. Inside the abandoned breeding facility in Ilpaedong, the dogs were filling their hungry stomachs with food scraps and were subjected to constant mating and breeding. During the rescue operation, WEACT stumbled upon another breeding facility operated by an animal hoarder. Within this place, numerous dogs remained neglected, deprived of any glimmer of hope. As we decided to proceed with additional rescues, the animal hoarder began abandoning the elderly and frail dogs while concealing the rest. Through a collaborative effort between WEACT and KK9, all the dogs from both breeding facilities were successfully rescued. Among them, #weact_mavelle emerged from the darkness and finally basked in the warm sunlight.

“Hello, stranger! It’s our first time meeting, but I like you already. By the way, could you throw me the ball over there?”
Mavelle is incredibly friendly, eagerly approaching strangers with a wagging tail! He's a true advocate of love, embracing men, women, strangers, and familiar people without any discrimination. He fearlessly expresses his affection, allowing strangers to touch him and happily jumping onto his guardian's lap. He also easily forms good relationships with other dogs that are compatible with his personality. He shares a special bond with #weact_ciel, who was rescued alongside him and wants to protect her at all times. However, we believe that Mavelle's true soulmate is his favorite ball! Even if he already has a ball in his mouth, he always wants another one. When his guardian doesn't throw the ball, he eagerly looks at them, encouraging them to do so. Mavelle is constantly active, exploring the playroom and field at The Home, and seems to have endless energy, even in hot weather. Therefore, Mavelle requires a family who can provide him with a sense of comfort and help him unwind.

With humans
Mavelle's tail wags tirelessly towards everyone, including guardians and volunteers at The Home, strangers, men and women. He even gives kisses to those he feels comfortable with. When playing at the playground, if his guardian briefly steps outside the fence, Mavelle eagerly jumps out to get closer to them. However, he also exhibits a free-spirited nature and relishes moments of solitude when deeply engrossed in exploring the surrounding environment. Despite being so affectionate, Mavelle expresses his discomfort by nudging and occasionally resorting to biting when faced with situations he wishes to avoid, such as receiving eye drops or undergoing treatment at the hospital.

With dogs
Mavelle's attitude towards other dogs varies depending on their size, age, gender, and other factors. He is particularly protective of #weact_ciel, who was rescued alongside him, and tends to express his dislike towards male dogs in particular. There are also instances where Mavelle growls with jealousy when it seems like their guardian favors other dogs more. As Mavelle transitions to a separate living arrangement from Ciel, his interactions with other dogs may undergo changes. If there are resident dogs in Mavelle's new home, it is important to assess their compatibility and provide appropriate training.

With cats
Mavelle has never met a cat.

Energy level
Mavelle never seems to tire, even after playing all day long. He enthusiastically explores the field and playroom at The Home and showcases remarkable jumping skills. Whether rolling or bouncing his beloved ball, Mavelle displays impressive focus and stamina. He is currently learning proper walking manners with the guardians at The Home while on a leash. Given his boundless energy, it is evident that he will thoroughly enjoy going on walks. Mavelle will thrive on diverse experiences and outdoor activities.

Mavelle tends to shed. He also barks while his food is being prepared, expressing a desire to be let out of his crate.

Needs help with
Mavelle’s intense focus on exploring the playground or playroom highlights the need for consistent recall training. His boundless energy and curiosity often make it challenging for him to stay attentive. However, through leash training and guidance in proper walking behavior, he will become focused and walk alongside with his guardian. Mavelle goes potty both indoors and outdoors; he may occasionally succeed in using pads, but it is important to provide him with appropriate potty training. Although Mavelle initially disliked entering his crate, he now finds comfort in it. Appropriate intervention is needed to gradually reduce and ultimately eliminate his behavior of using his mouth to express discomfort.

Health specifics
Mavelle is currently undergoing heartworm treatment. He has also developed fungal and bacterial infections in his ears, requiring regular medicated washes to be performed.

Ideal family
Mavelle is full of energy and positivity. Playing fetch and going on walks with his family bring him immense happiness. Despite being confined in the past due to human greed, he now eagerly anticipates a wide range of adventures with his new, loving family. Mavelle may initially be hesitant to form relationships with other dogs, especially males, but with proper assistance, he can learn to get along with them. His curiosity knows no bounds, as he is always busy seeking answers. It is essential to establish a stress-free environment that allows Mavelle to relax and release his energy, while also guiding him to focus on his guardian when necessary. Mavelle's high spirits make it challenging for him to relax anywhere, so he eagerly awaits a family that will provide exceptional care and help him find solace and rest at ease.

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