Name Ciel
Gender Female
Weight Small (5.4kg)
Date of Birth May 20, 2020
Breed Jack Russell Terrier
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Breeding Hell Village
Characteristics Energetic, charming, affectionate
Training Outdoor potty-trained, crate-trained
Likes Being touched, walks, playtime, family
Dislikes Strangers, new dog friends, crowded places, being ignored

Rescue story
After receiving a report of five neglected dogs and a dead dog, WEACT returned to Namyangju after two years. Inside the abandoned breeding facility in Ilpaedong, the dogs were filling their hungry stomachs with food scraps and were subjected to constant mating and breeding. During the rescue operation, WEACT stumbled upon another breeding facility operated by an animal hoarder. Within this place, numerous dogs remained neglected, deprived of any glimmer of hope. As we decided to proceed with additional rescues, the animal hoarder began abandoning the elderly and frail dogs while concealing the rest. Through a collaborative effort between WEACT and KK9, all the dogs from both breeding facilities were successfully rescued. Among them, #weact_ciel emerged from the darkness and finally basked in the warm sunlight.

Ciel loves her family deeply. With a reliable and supportive family, she can face difficult situations with confidence. Showering her with praise and love only strengthens her further. Ciel’s curiosity, boundless energy, and undeniable adorableness make us want to spoil her with treats, toys, enjoyable walks, and exciting adventures! It won’t take long for you to be enchanted by her irresistible charm.

With humans
Because Ciel is cautious and shy, she may avoid approaching new people and even try hiding in a corner if she meets a large group of people. To help her feel more at ease, it’s best to introduce them to her one at a time, giving her enough time to adjust. This way, Ciel will gradually warm up and greet them in a more comfortable manner.

With dogs
When Ciel encounters new dogs for the first time, she may keep her distance. To help her feel at ease, please keep her on a leash and allow her to become familiar with them one by one.

With cats
Ciel has never met a cat.

Energy level
Ciel is a highly active dog and requires regular walks at least twice a day. She would greatly enjoy exploring spacious areas, such as fields, to expend her abundant energy.

Ciel has minimal shedding. When she is separated from her guardian, she may bark as a way to express her longing to be reunited.

Needs help with
Ciel has a 70% success rate with using pads, but there may be instances where she goes outside the designated area, making continuous potty training necessary. Additionally, she is currently learning proper walking manners, so leash training will improve her ability to walk alongside her guardian. It's important to note that Ciel experiences separation anxiety and may bark when away from her guardian. Consistent training will help her develop an understanding that her guardian will return shortly.

Health specifics
Ciel is very healthy!

Ideal family
Since Ciel is a dog who craves love and attention, it would be preferable for her to be the only pet in the household rather than having other resident dogs. Additionally, due to her difficulty being alone, we hope her family can dedicate enough time to her and create joyful memories together. Ciel has an exceptionally high energy level, so daily walks are essential. If there is a need for a fence in the house, please install the highest one available, as she has a tendency to easily jump over low fences. She adapts well and possesses a positive mindset, allowing her to open up quickly and learn rapidly. Ciel is searching for a lifelong family that is responsible and committed to filling her days with love.

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