Name Jeje
Gender Female
Weight Small (7.4kg)
Date of Birth August 25, 2018
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Energetic, affectionate, sweet, cautious
Training Walks
Likes Guardians at The Home, fields, treats, walks, dog friends, food
Dislikes Loud noises, sudden movements and touch, strangers

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were being neglected in a shed in Mungyeong. The previous owner was ignorant of the importance of sterilization and failed to provide proper care. Due to uncontrolled breeding, there was overpopulation. The dogs were standing in their own feces, barely surviving on contaminated water and food. It took three separate trips to rescue a total of 48 dogs, and #weact_jeje was one of the survivors to finally take a step outside the dreadful shed.

Jeje is very shy, but she knows how to express love with her affectionate eyes. She may struggle with interacting with people, but she's great with familiar faces and her beloved guardians. She lovingly gazes into their eyes and follows them around in the playroom. If you want her attention, try acting a bit indifferent, and you'll notice her curiosity drawing her closer to you. Jeje prefers a gradual approach to new things, so if she's unsure about a new walking path, she may wish to turn back. In places where she feels safe, she takes a leisurely stroll while enjoying treats. However, when strangers or cars pass by, she gets scared. While she's okay staying in her crate, she scratches on the door and whimpers if she wants to come out. Jeje may feel afraid of her surroundings, but she's a curious girl who doesn't want to be alone all the time. She's friendly and loves to share her toys and treats with her friends.

With humans
Jeje enjoys sniffing and making eye contact with her guardians and familiar individuals while following them around. However, it takes time for her to warm up to strangers as she feels scared about being touched.

With dogs
At first, Jeje was afraid of larger friends, but now she shows her playful side by enthusiastically running around the field with them. Whenever she encounters friends similar to herself, she joyfully jumps around and wags her tail. Occasionally, she may try to assert her dominance over those who appear weaker. It’s important to be mindful of this behavior to maintain harmonious relationships with all her friends.

With cats
Jeje has never met a cat.

Energy level
Jaje exudes boundless energy as she runs around the field with her friends. Please remember to walk her at least twice a day. After all the running, she enjoys resting in the shade.

Jeje sheds and barks a few times before stopping. When she wants to come out of her crate, she’ll scratch the door and make whimpering sounds.

Needs help with
Jeje is scared of loud noises, strangers, and unfamiliar environments, so it would be wonderful if you could help her develop courage during walks. Additionally, she dislikes being touched below her face. Please reassure that your touch won’t cause any harm.

Health specifics

Ideal family
Because Jeje is still in the process of exploring the world, she tends to be timid and cautious. We hope that her new family can take her on trips, establish walking routes, and provide opportunities for her to socialize with other dogs. As she is still learning how to communicate with humans, please pay attention to her subtle behaviors and ____expression____s. It is important to note that sudden touches and loud noises can startle Jeje, so creating a calm and peaceful home environment would be ideal. If there are already resident dogs in the household, it can help her adapt more quickly to her new home. By patiently waiting and supporting Jeje as she gains courage, she will undoubtedly become an adorable mascot for your home.

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