Name Rice
Gender Male
Weight Small (9.6kg)
Date of Birth March 27, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Sleepyhead, scaredy-cat, independent, has a huge appetite, playful
Training Leash-trained, potty pad-trained, outdoor potty-trained, knows "sit," "wait," "walk"
Likes Treats, food, resident dog
Dislikes Sudden movement and sounds, being touched suddenly, unfamiliar things

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were being neglected in a shed in Mungyeong. The previous owner was ignorant of the importance of sterilization and failed to provide proper care. Due to uncontrolled breeding, there was overpopulation. The dogs were standing in their own feces, barely surviving on contaminated water and food. It took three separate trips to rescue a total of 48 dogs, and #weact_rice was one of the survivors to finally take a step outside the dreadful shed.

Rice has the appearance of a dog but the personality of a cat! While he enjoys the company of his foster family, he also appreciates having some alone time. He plays well on his own, tossing toys with his mouth, jumping to catch them, and running around. When his family sits down to eat, he quietly lies down under the table instead of begging for food. Rice is a well-behaved pup who finds comfort by staying close to his loved ones. While he can be shy like a cat, he warmly greets others in the morning and before bed. He particularly enjoys gentle massages around his eyes, behind his ears, and under his chin. Rice is becoming more playful, lying down and signaling for belly rubs when he’s in a good mood. When you hold him close, he even leans his small head against you. Although he can be shy and timid, his affection for his foster family knows no bounds. It’s important to remember that Rice is a cautious dog who has only recently begun interacting with people. However, as we observe him gradually adjusting to unfamiliar activities such as car rides, visits to the dog park, and dog-friendly cafes, it becomes clear that he is a capable dog who can do anything with time and patience!

With humans
Since becoming a house dog, Rice has grown more courageous each day. He wears an __expression__ of contentment while receiving massages from his foster family and jumps and wags his tail with excitement when they return home. He enjoys walking harmoniously and engaging in eye contact with his family during strolls. Rice doesn't hold any preconceived notions about people based on their gender or age. In the presence of a stranger, he shows interest but prefers to approach them when he feels comfortable. While Rice may not show excessive affection, he conveys his love in a unique way by moving close to his owner and settling down beside them.

With dogs
At first, Rice may appear timid and hesitant, but over time, he'll reveal his friendly and playful side. He gets along with all dog friends, regardless of their gender or age, and he's gotten along particularly well with smaller dogs in the past. Rice happily shares his toys and treats with the resident dog at his foster home and has never shown signs of possessiveness over his belongings. He finds a sense of security by relying on his canine companion and like-minded friends. However, similar to his interactions with humans, he doesn't intrude upon other dogs to express his own feelings. When other dogs have visited his home, he didn't mind if they played with his toys or drank from his bowl. During walks, he's generally uninterested in other dogs he encounters.

With cats
Rice has never lived with a cat before, and when he came across one during walks, he simply stared at it from a distance without showing much interest.

Energy level
Rice takes pleasure in any outdoor activity, whether it's a short stroll or a long hike. The anticipation of venturing out with his family fills him with excitement. He enjoys savoring the scents of grass and trees, leaping and dashing about with delight. Rice's enthusiasm at the dog park is a clear indication of his well-being. He has a blast with his dog friends and eagerly explores novel scents in the surroundings.

Rice has short hair that sheds a lot, so he needs to be brushed frequently. He sometimes barks when he gets excited, but he usually stops after a few barks.

Needs help with
Rice always succeeds in using pee pads, but if he gets scared or frightened, he may have accidents. When called by his name, he'll turn his head and approach you. Having mastered leash training, he becomes excited upon seeing the leash. Rice finds comfort in his crate and enjoys resting in it throughout the day. He also patiently waits inside when given the command "house" before mealtime.

Health specifics

Ideal family
While Rice doesn't experience separation anxiety, it isn't necessary for him to have a family member present at all times. However, it is recommended to have someone around during the initial phase to establish a connection with him. Families with very young children may encounter challenges in understanding and accommodating Rice's personality. Rice may thrive as the only dog in a household. Nevertheless, during his initial adjustment period in the foster home, he emulated the behavior of the resident dog and formed an emotional attachment to him. Therefore, if there are other dogs in his new home that are compatible, he may find it easier to adapt. It's important to recognize that Rice has a cautious and deliberate temperament, rather than assuming that he will behave like other dogs who readily seek human affection and follow their lead. Providing Rice with consistent and stable care will help him become more comfortable over time.

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