Name Soul
Gender Male
Weight Small (2.7kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location From the outskirts of Seoul
Characteristics Cheerful, energetic
Training Indoor potty-trained
Likes Foster parents, roommate dog, pulling on clothes
Dislikes Being confined

Rescue story
WEACT encountered a distressed dog wandering the streets on the outskirts of Seoul, clearly showing signs of recent lactation. After locating the owner, we discovered two additional puppies at the residence. This poor dog had endured multiple pregnancies and given birth to a total of eleven puppies while living on the streets. In an effort to help, WEACT pledged to improve their living conditions and support the neutering of the dogs. However, shortly thereafter, news emerged that the owner had been taken into custody. Moreover, accounts from neighbors revealed a history of ongoing abuse toward the dogs. Determined to provide a better life, WEACT decided to assume ownership of the dogs and find them new homes. The mother dog was lovingly named #weact_dorothy, and her puppies were given the names #weact_soul and #weact_laku.

Soul is a lively and energetic puppy that loves to play! With his curious nature, he roams all over the house, constantly seeking adventures. Everything in the house becomes a toy or a playground for Soul. He enjoys the texture of fabrics, such as dolls, blankets, and clothes, and he likes to bite them with his puppy teeth. Soul currently lives with another dog and never seems to tire of playing, even after a long session with his furry friend. Although he’s very social, he may get nervous and shiver or freeze when meeting new people. However, after about 10 to 15 minutes of being comforted with hugs, he quickly returns to his mischievous self and dances with excitement. Soul is still undergoing vaccinations, so he can’t go for walks yet. But once he starts, it’s likely that he won’t get tired even if he runs around all day.

With humans
Soul is particularly fond of people and even chooses their company over that of his roommate dog. He absolutely adores snuggling in their arms.

With dogs
Soul gets along remarkably well with his roommate, a black Lab mix who is ten times his size, and he doesn’t fall behind in energy. Size doesn’t matter to him; what matters most is being able to play and have fun.

With cats
Soul has never met a cat.

Energy level
Since Soul is currently undergoing vaccination, he expends his energy by constantly moving around the house without taking breaks. With his curious and adventurous spirit, he can play anywhere until he becomes sleepy and his eyelids grow heavy.

As a puppy, Soul doesn't shed much but may bark occasionally.

Needs help with
As Soul is still a puppy, it’s important to monitor his water intake to prevent loose stools and accidents. His strong desire to play requires assistance in ensuring he eats, drinks, and sleeps adequately. Since he’s currently teething, Soul finds enjoyment in chewing on objects and occasionally biting people’s fingers. However, providing a clear verbal indication of pain will prompt him to stop biting. Due to his curious nature, Soul may ingest various objects, which can potentially result in loose stools. He’s been generally good with using pads during potty training, but there may be instances where he misaims or becomes overly excited, resulting in accidents on the rug. Consistent potty training efforts are essential in helping him develop proper habits.

Health specifics
Soul initially tested positive for Giardia infection, but after undergoing medication, he now tests negative. Apart from that, he is growing well!

Ideal family
Soul is a vibrant and energetic puppy. During the puppy phase, his insatiable curiosity may drive him to embark on new adventures fearlessly. It would be wonderful to have someone who finds joy in his harmless explorations. Given Soul’s abundant energy, a spacious home or frequent and extended walks would be ideal for him. Like all puppies, chewing is a significant part of his daily routine. Whether he unintentionally damages the wall or bites on household items, we hope his family can be forgiving and understanding. To prevent conflicts, it’s advisable to keep items he might damage out of his reach. Providing opportunities for socialization and basic puppy training would be fantastic for Soul, considering his energetic nature. Although he hasn’t had the chance to interact with young children yet, it’s crucial to exercise caution as his nails can be sharp. Soul possesses a child-like nature, similar to that of a three or four-year-old, and enjoys being held. If he finds a loving family who can nurture him with affection, Soul will infuse the household with boundless energy and joy.

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