Name Mullen
Gender Male
Weight Small (6.8kg)
Date of Birth August 31, 2021
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Curious, scaredy-cat, affectionate, gentle
Training Potty-pad-trained, crate-trained
Likes Massages, dog friends, sun-bathing
Dislikes Sudden movements and approaches

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were being neglected in a shed in Mungyeong. The previous owner was ignorant of the importance of sterilization and failed to provide proper care. Due to uncontrolled breeding, there was overpopulation. The dogs were standing in their own feces, barely surviving on contaminated water and food. It took three separate trips to rescue a total of 48 dogs, and #weact_mullen was one of the survivors to finally take a step outside the dreadful shed.

Our beloved Mullen features a unique blend of coffee and cream hues on his coat, and his ears are so squishy like dough that you can’t resist touching them! He gets along well with other dogs and is starting to come out of his shell by slowly engaging with people. Now, he’s grown to appreciate human touch and is no longer afraid of it. By observing and emulating his canine peers, Mullen ventures into new experiences. He doesn’t initiate play much, but he’s always present among other dogs as a quiet social butterfly. While Mullen isn’t particularly greedy for food or objects, he’s curious about his surroundings and enjoys playing detective by sniffing around. However, he’s still afraid of sudden movements. It’s better to approach him slowly, and if he’s comfortable with physical touch, try giving him a massage to bond with him. Mullen may be inexperienced in interacting with people, but his adaptability and quick-wittedness will help him learn quickly. By soaking up the warm sunshine, he's thriving and blossoming like a new sprout in spring.

With humans
The way people move is truly fascinating! Mullen is intrigued by human behavior and wants to observe and smell them up close. He evaluates the situation carefully before approaching anyone, and we believe that once he finds someone he trusts, he’ll be extremely affectionate. Even now, he welcomes being touched by strangers and actually enjoys being softly petted by babies. Mullen’s comfortable with various forms of care, including being held, bathed, and having his nails trimmed.

With dogs
Mullen’s very sociable and gets along well with other dogs. He can live harmoniously with them and become their best buddy if their personalities are a match, regardless of their size. He’s an easygoing, sweet boy who enjoys spending time with his friends.

With cats
Mullen has never met a cat.

Energy level
Mullen isn't very active compared to other dogs his age, so one walk a day is sufficient for him. But he loves being with his friends, so it would be great if you could provide opportunities for him to socialize and run around. Regular visits to dog parks or day care would give Mullen the chance to meet new friends and have a blast!

Mullen tends to bark at sudden movements or actions. He also sheds a bit.

Needs help with
Mullen is both indoor and outdoor potty-trained. While he’s okay with wearing a collar, he still needs some practice with leash training indoors since he hasn’t been on many walks. Additionally, he needs to be trained in basic commands like sit, making eye contact, and recall. Mullen hasn't had the chance to explore many things or visit many places yet, so please create fun and exciting adventures together!

Health specifics

Ideal family
Mullen finds comfort in a calm and well-organized environment. If there is a lot of noise in the home, or if the caregiver has a loud voice or actions, Mullen may constantly feel anxious. Additionally, if there are children in the household, they should be old enough to understand that sudden movements, loud noises, or running can make him feel uneasy. Mullen’s friendly with other dogs and will likely get along well with any resident dog who has a similar temperament, regardless of their size. Since Mullen has never lived with people before, he may be unfamiliar with all the rules. Rather than perceiving Mullen's actions, such as not being able to find indoor potty spot or barking at unfamiliar sounds, as mistakes, it would be beneficial to view them as opportunities for trial and error in achieving success. We hope Mullen’s family will provide him with the necessary support and education to help him learn at his own pace.

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