Name Becky
Gender Female
Weight Medium (10.9kg)
Date of Birth April 18, 2021
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Found in Jeongeup with one leg cut off
Characteristics Timid, scared, sensitive, docile
Training Knows "sit," "down"
Likes Treats, grass, nose work, cushion, foster mom
Dislikes Loud, sudden sounds, unfamiliar voice, eager dogs, being picked up

Rescue story
Becky was a stray dog wandering the streets of Jeongeup. This spring, she gave birth to eight puppies, but they began to disappear one by one until only two were left. Then one day, something terrible happened to this family of stray dogs who'd already been leading a rough life on the streets. Someone intentionally tried to cut off one of Becky's perfectly healthy legs -- but because her shoulder wasn't easy to cut through, they then decided to cut off the lower part of her leg, where the bone is smaller and weaker. Despite the physical and mental trauma she had suffered, Becky managed to nurse and take care of her two remaining puppies. WEACT couldn't bear to leave Becky and her puppies out on the streets and immediately organized a rescue team to rescue Becky and her two babies, Choux and Kiko.

Thanks to the love from her foster family, Becky is learning to bravely face the world. She used to hide behind her foster mom or walk away quickly when meeting strangers, but now she even lets them touch her! It may take a while to befriend Becky, but once she warms up to you, she will express her affection. Our sweet girl gets along with her cat roommate and loves greeting dog friends who share her personality traits. She’s especially charming at home! Becky often puts on her puppy eyes for treats and enjoys playing nose work games. She likes all kinds of treats, but she can get super picky after having encountered an especially tasty one!

With humans
After receiving lots of love and support, Becky has improved so much with meeting new people that she’s okay with them touching her. She still needs ample amount of time to warm up to people though. Becky’s quick to let her guard down when female strangers give her treats, but it takes much longer time for her to become comfortable with men. She’s especially scared of old men wearing hats. If you wait patiently for Becky, she will soon relax and stare at you with loving eyes. :)

With dogs
Becky is really cautious so it takes time for her to get acquainted with other dogs. She gets along well with quiet, gentle dogs but is afraid of those that approach her too aggressively that she will freeze in place.

With cats
Becky's currently living with a cat at her foster home and even generously shares her food. She's generally friendly with cats, but she gets so scared when her cat roommate playfully punches her that she avoids eye contact. These days, Becky growls to let her know that she doesn't like being punched, but she still remains a timid pup.

Energy Level
Becky prefers to go potty outdoors so she needs at least two walks a day. She isn't very high energy, so short but frequent walks would be best.

Becky sheds quite a bit. She barks at the doorbell and visitors because she is being protective of her home. When her foster family comes home, Becky whines as if to reproach them for coming back so late. She doesn’t bark otherwise.

Needs help with
Becky has mastered the use of potty pads but prefers to do her business outdoors. She had to make several visits to the vet since being rescued, and because she was transported in a kennel each time, she runs away whenever she sees it. Please build a positive association to the kennel to help Becky view it as a safe haven. She is fearful of strangers and loud noises, such as zooming cars and blow dryers. It would be helpful to desensitize her to these sounds using high value rewards. Becky also seems to have separation anxiety and would benefit from targeted training so she can enjoy her time alone at home better.

Health specifics
Becky bravely recovered after successfully undergoing amputation surgery of her front leg. She also had mild incontinence, but ever since her foster mom’s been taking her for more frequent walks, she is back to her normal self!

Ideal family
Our cautious Becky still gets nervous around new people. She tends to let her guard down with women, but it takes much longer time for her to become comfortable with men. Becky is sure to open up if you give her enough time. Because she’s missing a leg, it's easy for her to lose balance so having a non-slip mat or rug is essential in her home. Becky dislikes having her paws and surgery area touched so please be mindful of this. It’s been quite a journey for Becky, and she’s waiting for a loving family who’s ready to embark on exciting adventures together!

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