Name Ferrari
Gender Female
Weight Small (6.12kg)
Date of Birth July 31, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup
Characteristics Sweet, affectionate, adorable, scaredy dog
Training Indoor potty trained, knows “sit,” “down,” and “paw”
Likes Foster mom & dad, children, toys, dogs, treats
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to Jeongeup after receiving a video of a tiny puppy struggling as a man swung it around by the snout. That dog was Shorty. After arriving at the scene, WEACT also found Only and Chunli, who were tied up on very short chains. You could tell by the state of their water bowls how much neglect they’d suffered and what kind of environment they’d lived in, yet the owner insisted that he was doing a good job of raising the dogs. After a long confrontation, the owner finally surrendered the dogs, and that’s how Only, Chunli, and Shorty came into WEACT’s care. Chunli was pregnant at the time of rescue and soon gave birth to #weact_ferrari, #weact_bumblebee, #weact_fairy, #weact_hyory, #weact_bentley, #weact_dali, and #weact_kory, who all became part of the WEACT family.

Ferrari is bold, smart, and super perceptive! She never cowers in fear even in new environments and instead wants to experience lots of things out of curiosity. Because she's so clever, she knows immediately when it's time to give up on something and will do so without resisting. She's also very quick to adapt to new environments. Ferrari loves all kinds of toys, including bone-shaped toys, playing tug, and balls. Ferrari likes to bite things as she's started teething, but when her foster mother gives her a toy to chew on instead and tells her not to chew other things, she'll stick to biting her toys. She also follows other rules that her foster mom sets for her, such as by putting a fence around dangerous things. Ferrari is very calm and mature for a puppy. This smart, easygoing little lady doesn't even react sensitively to everyday noises such as vacuum cleaners or dishwashing.

With humans
“I love my foster mommy, foster daddy, and all other humans!!” Ferrari likes pretty much everyone, and she has the superpower of being able to melt your heart by unleashing a storm of affection!

With dogs
Ferrari has only met her siblings so far, but she got along well with them. If you give her opportunities to slowly get to know a variety of dogs, we’re sure she’ll get along with all of them!

With cats
Ferrari has never met a cat before.

Energy Level
As a puppy, Ferrari needs lots of naps. But when she’s not sleeping, she loves to run around! With her endless supply of energy, she’s probably going to love going for walks. Ideally, you’d take her for at least two walks a day.

We anticipate Ferrari will shed a lot. She never barks.

Needs help with
Ferrari will need practice walking on the leash so she can go for nice walks. She’s a very curious pup but also very fearful at times, so it would be great if she could get a variety of positive experiences. Ferrari currently thinks of her kennel only as a place to sleep in. If you can crate train her by teaching her that it’s a safe, comfortable space to hang out in, she’ll learn quickly. Ferrari is smart and has great focus, so she’s sure to excel at whatever training you give her!

Health Specifics
Ferrari is healthy.

Ideal family
Ferrari likes people but also tends to get a little nervous, so a family of adults and children who have the self-control to approach her cautiously would be more suitable than one with young children whose sudden movements might startle her. She currently goes potty indoors, but this could change to her needing to go outdoors, so it would be ideal if you could take her for at least two walks a day. Ferrari dislikes being alone and feels safe when she at least has the tip of her tail touching a human, so she’d like a family who can spend a lot of time with her. Because she’s so perceptive and has such good focus, with a bit of patience and training, she’ll learn lots of new things in no time! Since Ferrari is still so young, she whines sometimes. It’ll be important to keep an eye on her and help her when necessary. She’s waiting for a forever family who'll dote on her and be there for her when she needs it!

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