Name Dali
Weight Small (5.1kg)
Date of Birth July 31, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to Jeongeup after receiving a video of a tiny puppy struggling as a man swung it around by the snout. That dog was Shorty. After arriving at the scene, WEACT also found Only and Chunli, who were tied up on very short chains. You could tell by the state of their water bowls how much neglect they’d suffered and what kind of environment they’d lived in, yet the owner insisted that he was doing a good job of raising the dogs. After a long confrontation, the owner finally surrendered the dogs, and that’s now Only, Chunli, and Shorty came into WEACT’s care. Chunli was pregnant at the time of rescue and soon gave birth to #weact_dali, #weact_bumblebee, #weact_ferrari, #weact_fairy, #weact_bentley, #weact_hyory, and #weact_kory, who all became part of the WEACT family.

"There's a first time for everything for everyone!" It can take Dali a bit of time to adjust to things, but with a bit of patience she soon gets used to it! Dali is a brave young pup who can live happily with anyone, anywhere. She's smart and perceptive, so she knows exactly when her foster mom is going to praise her and lies in wait for it. :-) She's a smart girl who knows exactly how to ask for what she wants. Dali loves toys and can get a little greedy with them ("my toys are my toys, and your toys are mine too!"). She likes lounging around with her favorite ball toy in her mouth and also loves running around. She sure knows how to create a fun life for herself!

With humans
"Is this your first time meeting Dali? Then please wait a sec!" Dali is a little shy with new people, but with a bit of patience she'll come to you with her tail wagging and become your best friend! She's curious about people regardless of their gender or age and wants to get to know you :)

With dogs
Dali looks to dogs for support more than humans. She's a polite pooch who greets new dog friends with a kiss on the nose. And when she gets to know them a bit better, she likes to play as if they're in a wrestling match! Dali can be a bit much for sensitive dogs, but she knows how to have a good time with all her dog friends.

With cats
Dali has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Dali's living an exciting life where she repeats cycles of play, eat, and sleep all day. She wakes up at 6 a.m., polishes off a bowl of kibble, and runs around, but by 8 a.m. she's fast asleep again! She has enough energy to go for even longer walks than adult dogs. She loves both running around with new friends and or walking slowly while enjoying the smells outside.

Dali doesn't shed yet. She doesn't normally bark except occasionally when her canine roommate teases her.

Needs help with
Dali boasts a 95% success rate at peeing on pads indoors. She's also learning the joys of going potty outdoors! Dali still doesn't like being alone. It would be great if she could get separation anxiety training so she can learn that alone time isn't boring. She's a smart girl, so she'll be able to learn quickly if you just teach her! Please also help her learn that the kennel is a safe, comfortable space that's all hers. Dali's still a young puppy, so she whines when she wants something. Learning "wait" will help her grow into a mature dog.

Health Specifics
Dali is healthy.

Ideal family
Dali is a smart, energetic young girl, and her ideal family would provide her with diverse experiences. She doesn't get motion sickness when riding cars, so it would be great if she could go to lots of different places with her family to see all the fun and beautiful things there are in the world. It would be nice for Dali to have a dog sibling with a similar energy level who likes to play rough, but she'd do just as well as an only dog. We look forward to spending a lot of time with Dali also enjoys playing with people, and she's waiting for a forever family who will shower her with love!

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