Name Bentley
Weight Small (9.5kg)
Date of Birth August 1, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to Jeongeup after receiving a video of a tiny puppy struggling as a man swung it around by the snout. That dog was Shorty. After arriving at the scene, WEACT also found Only and Chunli, who were tied up on very short chains. You could tell by the state of their water bowls how much neglect they’d suffered and what kind of environment they’d lived in, yet the owner insisted that he was doing a good job of raising the dogs. After a long confrontation, the owner finally surrendered the dogs, and that’s now Only, Chunli, and Shorty came into WEACT’s care. Chunli was pregnant at the time of rescue and soon gave birth to #weact_bentley, #weact_bumblebee, #weact_ferrari, #weact_fairy, #weact_dali, #weact_hyory, and #weact_kory, who all became part of the WEACT family.

"You’ll never meet a dog more easygoing than me!" The sixth of Chunli's eight babies, Bentley seems the most happy-go-lucky out of his siblings. He seems unfazed by everyday noises, and he’s not picky with his food. He sleeps soundly even with the vacuum cleaner going and is perfectly fine walking around downtown where it’s loud! He’s got an amazing little personality where he can take anything in stride. He’d get along with anyone as he mostly likes to focus on his toys! If there's one thing that sweet Bentley gets impatient for, it’s his food. He’ll polish off his meals in about 10 seconds! And if you look away for a second after giving him a treat, the snack will vanish into thin air. Bentley has a voracious appetite, but he doesn’t go beyond taking little glances at his dog roommate’s food bowl, so he should be okay even with other dogs around if he’s fed separately.

With humans
Bentley likes everyone! If you say hello to him, he’ll respond with tons of affection. Are you ready to love lovely Bentley? If so, Bentley will flop onto his back so you can scratch his belly! Bentley sticks close to his foster mom, but that doesn’t mean he has separation anxiety! He doesn’t show signs of anxiety even if he’s apart from her. This smart young puppy already has a sense of independence – he’s perfectly fine sleeping and playing on his own, as if he enjoys being alone.

With dogs
Bentley gets along really well with dogs who are similar in age to him, regardless of size. He has tons of fun with his dog friends at home, which is a comfortable and familiar space for him. He’s a little nervous about approaching dogs he’s never met before outside, though. And because he’s so young, he’s not used to being rejected by his friends, so he gets upset at times!

With cats
Bentley has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Bentley has so much energy! He needs constant play except for the short time that he’s asleep. He has an infinite supply of energy and runs around all day without getting tired, so he needs at least two walks a day.

Bentley does shed a bit. He doesn’t bark at all, even when other dogs around him bark!

Needs help with
Bentley has a 90% success rate with potty pads! He’ll need continued help so he can master the art. He doesn’t know how to use his kennel rate – it would be great if you could teach him that it’s a safe, comfortable space for him to chill in.

Health Specifics
Bentley is healthy.

Ideal family
Boundless energy + gentle personality = Bentley! It would be ideal for Bentley to live in a household with other dogs he can play with. If he becomes an only dog, it would be great if he could go for lots of walks and outdoor activities. As a young pup, Bentley still has a lot to learn and experience – he’s sure to grow into a fine young dog if he has a family that can devote a lot of time to him during this crucial period. Bentley’s waiting for a forever family who will pat his belly as he falls asleep in the sun!

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