Name Cindy
Gender Female
Weight Medium (11.3kg)
Date of Birth July 16, 2021
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Dog meat trader's truck in Jeongeup
Characteristics Affectionate, energetic, chatty, jealous
Training None
Likes People, being pet, treats, running around
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
WEACT received a report that someone would be slaughtering dogs in a small village in Jeongeup on Boknal. We rushed there in the wee hours, but two dogs had already been slaughtered. We collected their bodies to give them a funeral and got the owner to surrender the two dogs that were still alive.
Just then, we heard a dog trader’s truck going around the area announcing that they were buying dogs. Our crew members tried to save the dogs on the truck by hanging onto the vehicle and yelling for it to stop, but the driver kept going. Three dogs were found on the truck along with a snare and cages. That’s how #weact_audrey, #weact_cindy and #weact_daphne ended up in WEACT’s care.

Cindy was very afraid of people at the time of rescue. She’d freeze up at the slightest touch and even pee out of fear. But after getting oodles of love at #WEACTthehome, she’s learned that humans aren't so scary after all!
Cindy is now a completely different dog – she’s been reborn as a sweet, affectionate pup who loves people. She’s a social butterfly who wags her tail at and is affectionate with people she’s seeing for the first time. As a year-old puppy, Cindy is full of energy and curious about all kinds of things. She especially likes chewing on her toys and playing with other dogs.
Cindy knows how to make her demands clear when it comes to food. On days when she’s been given lots of tasty treats, she’ll sometimes refuse to eat her kibble as if she’s asking for something better!

With humans
If there was a test for how well dogs get along with humans, Cindy would get 100 out of 100 every time! People who visit The Home can never simply pass by Cindy’s pen – they can't help but stop and admire her loving eyes and helicopter tail. And when you open the door to her pen, she gives you a big welcome. Cindy loves interacting with people and being pet!

With dogs
Cindy gets along well with dogs who are a similar size to her. She’s especially good friends with Audrey, who she was rescued with. But sometimes she finds it hard to keep her overflowing energy under check, so she’ll need human supervision when she’s running around the dog park.

With cats
Cindy has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Cindy is super duper energetic! Since she’s so active, she’ll need at least two walks a day. And because she loves running around at top speed, regular trips to the dog park would be ideal. She needs an outlet for all her energy – if she doesn’t get to release it, she starts chewing on her kennel instead.

Cindy doesn’t shed as much as the average Jindo mix. She sometimes barks to get attention or when she gets really excited while playing. Overall, she’s pretty talkative :)

Needs help with
Cindy’s good about wearing her collar but still finds the leash unfamiliar. She sometimes sits and won’t move if you put a new leash on her, so please help her gradually get used to it. She’s gone on some walks outdoors lately and has been good, but she’s quite sensitive to noises outside.
Cindy prefers to go potty outdoors, but she occasionally goes indoors as well. At The Home, she sometimes tears up her potty pads. If you need her to go potty indoors, please keep an eye on her so she doesn’t rip her pads and teach her that there are way more fun toys out there.
If you nudge her body towards her kennel, she’s good about going in, but sometimes she’ll whine and scratch to get out of it. Please help her learn that the kennel is a cozy space to chill in! Cindy is a smart, brave dog who quickly overcame her fear of people, so she’ll be able to learn anything in no time!

Health Specifics
Cindy is healthy.

Ideal family
Cindy used to be a jealous dog who wanted all the attention, but she's gradually learning how to live with other dogs. She’ll probably do well as both an only dog or in a household that already has dogs. Since Cindy doesn’t mind being touched and likes anyone and everyone regardless of gender, it won’t matter too much who the family members are. Cindy feels the happiest and most comfortable when being stroked by a human while making eye contact. She’s waiting for a forever family who’ll take her to run around the dog park and end the day with lots of pats on the head!

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