Name Audrey
Gender Female
Weight Medium (11kg)
Date of Birth July 16, 2021
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Truck headed for slaughter in Jeongeup
Characteristics Energizer, affectionate, bundle of love, angelic
Training Leash trained
Likes People, treats, dogs, toys, play
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
On Boknal this year, WEACT rushed to Jeongeup after receiving a report that someone would be slaughtering dogs at dawn in a small village there. But two dogs had already been slaughtered, and as WEACT was collecting their bodies to give them a funeral, we heard a dog trader’s truck going around the area announcing that they were buying dogs. Our crew members tried to save the dogs on the truck by hanging onto the vehicle and yelling for it to stop, but the driver kept going. Three dogs were found on the truck along with a snare and cages. That’s how #weact_audrey, #weact_cindy and #weact_daphne ended up in WEACT’s care.

Audrey thankfully still likes humans despite almost being killed by them. She’s been getting lots of love and attention from her aunties and uncles at The Home, and in return she shows just how much she loves people with her entire body! She’ll even approach people she’s seeing for the first time and ask for pets, and she’s the happiest dog in the world when people pet her all over. Audrey also gets along perfectly with her dog friends – she’s a total social butterfly!

With humans
"People are the best!” Aunties and uncles visiting The Home, please come see Audrey first thing when you arrive! She was bored and lonely all night, but your smile is sure to make her day! Man or woman, young or old, Audrey loves them all. If you look her in the eyes, smile, and give her lots of pets, you’ll become her best friend in no time!

With dogs
Audrey gets along well with all her dog friends – no jealousy, no fighting. She’s a social butterfly who quickly befriends dogs she’s meeting for the first time :-D

With cats
Audrey has never met a cat before.

Energy Level
Audrey is an energizer who loves to run around! She likes regular walks, but she also loves being off-leash and running around to her heart’s content at the playground.

Audrey doesn’t shed much compared to other Jindo mix dogs, but she does shed. She doesn’t usually bark, but she barks out of excitement sometimes when she’s playing with toys or her friends.

Needs help with
Audrey is doing well on the leash but doesn’t quite have a handle on it yet. When she goes for walks, she sometimes gets overexcited and tries to run ahead, but we’re sure that if you can teach her the joy of walking in step with her guardian, she’ll learn in no time. Audrey is good at going potty both indoors and outdoors, but she’ll sometimes tear up the potty pad and eat her own poop. Please show her that there are way more exciting things than pads and far more delicious things than poop in this world! If you nudge Audrey toward her kennel, she goes in to rest, but she won’t go in on her own. She’s sure to learn quickly though if you can teach her how cozy and comfy her kennel is.

Health Specifics
Audrey is healthy.

Ideal family
Audrey, who loves both people and dogs, would do well with a big, lively family. Since she’s got high energy levels, regular walks in the morning and evening would be good, and it would be even better if you can take her to the dog park to run around with other dogs! We hope Audrey can find attentive parents who can show this pad-ripping, poop-eating tomboy just how many fun toys and delicious treats there are in the world!

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