Name Tree
Gender Male
Weight Small (9.5kg)
Date of Birth October 21, 2021
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Geumgok-dong, Hwaseong
Characteristics Introverted, timid, gentle
Training Leash, slip leash, outdoor potty
Likes Running around the playground, other dogs
Dislikes Loud noises, big movements, being touched suddenly
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
Tree was rescued from a cruel steel trap which had crushed both his front legs. We rushed right to him when we received the report, and with the assistance of emergency personnel he was freed. We can’t imagine how he must have struggled to free himself – one of his teeth was missing, lost in his panicked efforts. But never once during his entire ordeal did Tree make a sound, swallowing his pain and his fear at so many people crowding around him. The vet examination showed that, fortunately, there were no fractures in his legs. The physical scars have healed up completely, and we have poured our love and affection to him since he came to #WEACTthehome. We don’t have much idea about where he came from, and it took some time to reach him, but now our brave little guy seems quite at home at The Home, and he’s ready for his next big step.

Tree has got a pretty low-key personality – he has always been quite calm around other friends in the Home, perfectly happy to share space with a companion or two, snuggling up and just hanging out. Around people he was so scared and timid in the beginning, and any loud noises or sudden actions, or even someone approaching, would send him fleeing for shelter in his crate. But he has adapted, and has become more willing to engage with people.

With humans
He is cautious around both men and women, and will not approach someone he is meeting for the first time – he will pay close attention to you and observe you carefully, but he may still withdraw if you get too close too soon.

With dogs
He always seemed to get along just fine with other dogs who were low-key and easy-going, and he seems to have learned a lot from them. And now we are getting to see his playful side - he likes to run around and play when he goes out to mingle.

With cats
Never encountered a cat before.

Energy Level
Because it took him some time to adapt to being around people, he didn’t really show much energy in the beginning. Now that he’s more at ease, he has shown that he likes to run around off-leash in the playground.

Other than being at The Home, where he is surrounded by other dogs, yet never barks, we are not sure yet if he will bark in your home – but given that he is so undemanding, we don’t think it will be an issue. As a Jindo-mix, he will shed, and need regular grooming.

Needs help with
It has been a slow process getting Tree accustomed to regular interactions with people, and there is still some way to go getting him used to the daily routine of home life. He really lives up to his name if you try to put a leash on him – he will root himself to the spot, and will not move. He hasn’t yet made the connectIon between the leash and getting outside, but once we get him there, he plays very well. He’s quite willing to get into his crate if you point him there. He’s not comfortable being handled, and especially when his injured legs are touched.

Health Specifics
Very healthy now – his injuries have completely healed up.

Ideal family
Given what we have seen of his nature, we think Tree will need a quiet environment and plenty to patience. Home life will be a completely new thing for him, being around someone regularly, learning to trust, and we need someone who is willing to give all that to him and more. Walks on the leash will be a whole new world for him, and he will need to start with the basics. Tree has learned to go potty outdoors, and now he never goes in his enclosure, so establishing a routine with him, for walks and potty breaks can be a part of making a bond with him with the right family. Other than that, he seems to be a really tranquil soul. It will be a journey with Tree – his has barely started. He hasn't been able to fully open the door of his heart – there’s still so much fear. But he is so gentle, and we can tell that there is a lot of love waiting to come out. But he needs someone who will be with him every step of the way, who will show him the world while making him theirs.

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