Name Romi
Gender Female
Weight SMALL(5.2kg)
Date of Birth 1th Jan, 2017
Breed Maltese
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Village
Training Leash trained,Harness trained,Uses Pee Pads,Potty trained,

Rescue Story
Romi was one of around 250 dogs rescued from the Namyangju puppy mill, where small purebred dogs were being illegally bred for sale. Binny was repeatedly subjected to unwanted pregnancy and birth while being fed food waste in a place that reeked of ammonia from years of accumulated waste, all so that humans could make a profit. The day WEACT rescued her, she was finally able to escape this cycle of abuse and start life as an ordinary dog.

Soul-of-the-party energizer Romi is perfect with just two little things to work on: she’s a very picky eater and meeting strangers is still a bit difficult for her. She loves going on walks and is a pro walker. She also enjoys her baths and grooming time. She is also very social: she prefers the company of humans and other dogs.

With humans
She’s shown incredible improvement with human touch. When she was first rescued, she couldn’t handle any human presence at all. Being hugged was enough to send her in a panic. However, after months of training, Romi now isn’t scared of humans. She does need time to get used to a new person, but she doesn’t run away or panics by meeting new people.

With dogs
Romi loves other dogs. She likes to say hello to friends she meets on walks at parks. She also is a smart pup who knows to avoid violent or energetic dogs.

With cats
Romi has never met a cat.

Energy Level
She needs her walks at least twice a day. She loves being outside and isn’t scared of the world. She loves to just sit outside and chill. When the foster mom tries to take her home, Romi somehow magically picks up on it and refuses to take any steps so she can stay outside longer.

There’s barely any shedding and the foster family says they’ve never heard her bark!

Needs help with
She needs help with her diet as she’s a very picky eater. She also needs to work on opening up to human touch. She’s gotten incredibly better and we think she’ll open up even more in time.

Health Specifics
Her poop gets watery if her food has too much protein. She also gets hot easily.

Ideal family
We’re looking for someone who can take Romi on lots and lots of walks. She needs to go on many walks a day and loves meeting friends. Romi needs pawrents who understand where she’s come from and what she needs.

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