Name Scott
Gender Male
Weight Large (21.5kg)
Date of Birth October 10, 2018
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location Siheung Dog Farm
Characteristics Loves dog friends, gentle, cautious, brave
Training Outdoor potty-trained, kennel-trained
Likes Treats, fields, dog friends, guardian, food
Dislikes Large movements, loud sounds, strangers, new places, sudden touch

Rescue story
In December 2019, the #SiheungDogFarm entered the spotlight as the story of Yumi emerged—a dog that miraculously escaped with extensive burns covering its entire body. Another animal welfare organization initially launched a rescue operation, but on Christmas Day, the owner transferred all the animals to a different dog farm. Although their whereabouts remained elusive, persistent efforts eventually convinced the farm owner to surrender them. However, the time spent in slaughterhouses had inflicted profound trauma on these dogs. Taking charge of the situation, WEACT and volunteers provided ceaseless day and night care, leading to the successful rescue of 65 animals from the #SiheungDogFarm. Due to their profound trauma and injuries inflicted by humans, it necessitated an extended period of time and heightened effort to rehabilitate them. Even four years down the line, WEACT remains steadfast in its mission to facilitate the adoption of dogs from #SiheungDogFarm. #weact_scott was one of the rescues from this very location.

Scott loves being around dog friends and relies on their company. Even when his friends are upset or start agreements, he remains easygoing and avoids fights. While Scott isn't highly expressive, his feelings are often conveyed through his tail. His confidence grows in the presence of other dogs, with his tail is held high. However, when alone with people or during walks that don't go his way, his tail drops. To gauge Scott's mood, simply observe his tail. Despite his imposing appearance, Scott is gentle and lacks aggression. Initially, he was quite fearful of new environments and people, to the extent of not tolerating human touch. But through positive interactions at The Home, Scott has changed. He enjoys running in the field with his guardian, placing his paws on them for treats and attention. While he used to fear many things, now Scott displays curiosity and explores new objects, such as slides in the park. Although he's not entirely comfortable with people yet, there's hope that a loving family in this world will provide the care he deserves.

With humans
Scott tends to be reserved with strangers and is not aggressive. He approaches people cautiously, initially observing from afar, but gradually closes the gap with familiar guardians and volunteers at The Home.Scott's journey has been remarkable, from his time at the Siheung Meat Farm to where he is now, so it's important to understand his past and approach him with care.

With dogs
Scott is heavily influenced by his dog friends and seeks their companionship. He approaches them slowly, wagging his tail, and enjoys playing with dogs of similar or smaller sizes, especially at the park. He gets along well even when his dog friends provoke him.

With cats
Scott has never met or lived with a cat.

Energy level
Even Scott, who is cautious and calm by nature, enjoys his daily walks. Please make sure he has at least two walks a day to leisurely explore and enjoy the surroundings. It would be great to arrange regular playdates with other dogs for him. However, he can get anxious in unfamiliar or narrow places, so gradually expanding his walking routes is necessary.

Scott sheds and seldom barks, but he may do so when he hears loud noises or feels scared.

Needs help with
Scott can tolerate human touch in limited spaces, although he doesn't particularly enjoy it. Given his fearful nature, he may resist going to unfamiliar places or walking in a direction he doesn't prefer. Therefore, it's essential to actively guide him and work on building trust. Scott is currently practicing leash walking and can later learn about good manners during walks. Since he goes potty both indoors and outdoors, please provide appropriate training.

Health specifics
Scott is very healthy.

Ideal family
Because Scott is calm and reserved, it would be best if his new family can patiently wait for him and quietly stand by his side. To prevent Scott from getting scared, it's essential to establish a strong relationship before exposing him to new people or places. While he is fine as an only dog in the family, having a resident dog will help him adjust better. Scott is kennel-trained and likes to rest in his own kennel, so please place it in a quiet part of the house for his comfort. He's still learning about daily life with people, so introducing him to various experiences slowly and being a lifelong family for him would be ideal.

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