Name Penner
Gender Male
Weight Large (22kg)
Date of Birth January 29, 2019
Breed Jindo Mix
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location #HwaseongPaltonDogFarm
Characteristics Energetic, affectionate, free-spirited
Training Outdoor potty-trained
Likes Treats, walks, food
Dislikes Kennel

Rescue story
In March 2021, WEACT received a distressing report that dogs were dying in #HwaseongPaltanDogFarm. After holding an emergency meeting, we headed to Hwaseong for an urgent rescue operation. Twelve dogs were confined in cramped cages or tethered with short leashes, with no access to food or clean water. Instead, they were left to subsist on a bowl filled with rotten scraps. Along with RE:BIRTH and volunteers from across the country, WEACT successfully rescued all twelve dogs as well as three strays. One year later, we discovered that the owner of the #HwaseongPaltanDogFarm had once again taken in dogs and resumed his pattern of neglect and cruelty towards them. We returned to the location and rescued three more dogs who had been severely neglected. After being confined to small spaces and short leashes, #weact_penner, #weact_pinko, and #weact_cielo could now venture out into a larger world.

Meet our free-spirited soul, Penner!
Having broken free from his leash, Penner now explores the world with enthusiasm. Like the wind, he relishes running around freely but halts at the sight of humans. He’s eager to greet them and looks at them with sparkling eyes, saying, “Hi I’m Penner. Let’s be friends!” Penner loves everyone, but his family is his utmost priority. His greatest joy comes from receiving snacks from his foster parents, playing with them at the park, and taking daily walks together. He manages his excitement and matches his pace with that of his family during walks, but may struggle to mingle with dog friends due to his limited exposure to them. Once he learns how to approach and greet them, Penner can make many new friends.

With humans
Sweet Penner loves all activities with people! When playing with them, he enjoys playfully hiding his face between their legs. Penner not only enjoys the company of his family but also welcomes the touch of strangers, although building a deep connection with people takes time and effort. Penner is typically cheerful, and with a sensitive guardian who can understand change in his feelings, you could become a true friend.

With dogs
Given his limited experience with other dogs, it’s uncertain how well Penner will socialize with them. It’s important to observe his behavior closely when he interacts with other canines.

With cats
Penner has never encountered a cat, but judging from his behavior, it is possible that he may attack a cat when he sees one.

Energy level
Penner is a high-energy dog and does his business outside, so he needs to be walked at least twice a day. It would be great to set up exercise routines together and become each other's workout buddies.

Penner sheds a lot. Because he enjoys people's company so much, he may bark as if to say, 'Please stay with me!' if someone around him leaves his sight. He may also bark if he feels confined.

Needs help with
Penner is perfectly outdoor potty-trained and may find using the bathroom indoors unfamiliar and challenging. Continuous training is necessary for him to become accustomed to it. Penner has a friendly and sociable nature, so it's important to be attentive in various situations where interactions with people or the surroundings can occur. Please help him focus on the guardian even in noisy environments or amidst the barking of other dogs.

Health specifics
Penner is very healthy.

Ideal family
Penner loves people and would thrive in a family that treats him as their only pet, rather than in a multi-dog or cat household. His high activity level makes him a great match for a family that enjoys outdoor adventures in nature during their free time. As he hasn’t had many experiences of being loved unconditionally, he may become very anxious when separated from family members. With a nurturing and supporting environment, he can gradually learn to feel more at ease even when by himself. Penner is seeking a forever family eager to create memories by running around and exploring the world with him!

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