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Korea US/CA
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Female / Adult / Small (~10kg)
#Gentle and calm
Basic Information
Shiba Inu
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
TreatsGoing on walks
Sudden movementsSudden noise

Rescue story
Whitney is a 3-year-old female Shiba Inu, rescued from an illegal puppy mill in Chuncheon.

Ideal family
Whitney is still carrying the trauma from her life in the cages on the farm, and has a tendency to be cautious - even now we can see that she still looks tense and is vigilant in new environments. Whitney’s new family would need to understand her, and can give her the time she needs to get acclimated to a new home. She is only now showing signs of being ready to explore life - almost a puppy-like curiosity. She is starting to mark, and wants to say hello to other dogs. We hope her new family can give Whitney a lot of new experiences step by step. Whitney would benefit from having another dog with a gentle personality with her in the home - this would help her get adjusted.

With humans
Whitney isn’t too apprehensive around new people - she treats those approaching her more with indifference than caution - she will respond with a slow sniff, but then loses interest pretty quickly. She’s not particularly a people-dog.

With dogs .
Whenever Whitney goes for walks she really wants to say hello to other dogs. But there is still some awkwardness because she is still learning how to socialize properly. Even if she wants to say hello, she is more comfortable if the other dog approaches her slowly - Whitney may still show some signs of caution with bigger or more excitable dogs.

With cats
Whitney has never had the chance to meet cats yet.

Energy level
Whitney isn't very active, she doesn’t seem to need a walk outside every day.

Shedding is completely manageable most of the time, but when Whitney sheds, she really sheds. She does not bark much.

Needs helps with
Her wariness has proven to be something difficult for her to overcome, and it continues ot affect her. But Whitney is not afraid, and will never react aggressively - this is more out of caution. For now, you will need to bring Whitney slowly and with care, and let her build trust and comfort. She is still working on being comfortable in the harness, and may still even react to being on leash.

Health Specifics
Whitney had a surgery on both knees for a grade 4 patellar luxation. You would need keep an eye on her back legs.

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