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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Medium (11~20kg)
#Loves to play
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Basic Information
Rescue location
Hwaseong dogmeat farm
Potties outsideKnows sit and wait
Wood sticksToysDogbedsWomenPlaying
Unfamiliar soundsCar noises

Rescue story
Rockie was rescued from the Hwaseong dogmeat farm earlier this year, kept on a short metal leash for most if not all of his life, without the freedom to run around or lie down comfortably.

Ideal family
Rockie is a very active boy - he needs a family who would be willing to get him outside for walks and exercise; it’s like he’s making up for lost time! But he is a bit sensitive to the surrounding noise, and a busy city environment might cause him some stress. A quiet environment in the suburbs or further outside the city would be ideal.

With dogs
Rockie really likes spending time with other dogs; he’s learning how to socialize, and we think it would be okay to bring him into a multi-dog home. When he approaches other dogs he wants to play with, he wants to get close to them but will usually not be too excitable.

With humans
He will happily approach people, and he especially likes the ladies - he is particularly charming for them. He hasn’t been around children, but he didn't react much in any particular way when he met them outside - we would guess that as long as they aren’t too loud in the home he would be fine with them.

With cats
He hasn't encountered cats up close yet, so we can’t be sure - but given his curiosity he might be quite interested!

Energy level
Rockie is an active boy - at least two walks a day plus some running around makes him very happy! And he does love to run with other dogs - put him in a yard and watch him go!.

Despite his energy, there is hardly any barking from Rockie - he does sometimes when noises outside startle him . But he does shed a lot - given his mix, you will need to brush him regularly, and you should still expect to find hair on clothes and furniture.

Needs help with
There are times he gets startled when there is a lot of car noise - if he gets nervous he may react and try to jump out into busy roads; initially you will need to be careful with him. Otherwise, he is doing well on the leash and with house-training; he is also learning recall.

Health issues
Rockie and cars do not mix - he gets motion sickness pretty easily. His skin frequently has flaking, perhaps because of the conditions he was living in on the farm, and still needs some care.

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