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Korea US/CA
Female / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
#Bundle of energy
#Full of personality
Basic Information
Rescue location
Ganghwa Island
Leash trainedUses weewee padsCan be recalled
Big dogs

Rescue story
Rica and brother Rico were born to a mother who was abandoned by her family on Ganghwa Island. Mom and pups were homeless, but were being fed by a local resident. Like her brother, she also had a severe skins disease, but she has been recovering quickly in foster care.

Ideal family
Rica is curious and full of energy, and would like to be part of a family who can keep her active and busy. She is afraid of bigger dogs, but would be fine in a home with another dog of similar size. Rica is smart, inquisitive and enjoys playing with toys - so be ready to keep up with her!

With dogs
She seems happy to greet and play with a dog-friend of similar size, but she does react to bigger dogs - she will growl like the little firecracker she is - she will need more training.

With humans
Rica is a people-person, and her energy is endearing - she is really happy to meet a new face.

With cats
She never encountered cats where she needed to interact with them.

Energy level
Rica has energy in abundance, and needs to get out for an extended period at least once a day.

Because she was in the process of getting treated for her skin disease, it is difficult to guess how much she sheds. Sometimes she barks at outside sounds, but never for a long time.

Needs help with
If she is left alone, she does show a little separation anxiety, but it is not severe, and she can be trained out of it. She may be scared and awkward in new environments at first, but with time and patience, she will become a lovebug.

Health issues
When she was rescued, she had severe demodex. But now, her skin has all cleared up and she is growing out beautiful hair!

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