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One simple question, where are you located?
Korea US/CA
Female / Adult / Small (~10kg)
Basic Information
Rescue location
Gimpo Dog Farm
Leash trainedPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
TreatsGoing on walksNosework toysPlaying
Big dogsCats

Rescue Background
Re is a 1-year-old mixed breed female, rescued from the Gimpo Dog Farm.

Ideal family
Re does have a fair bit of energy, so her family should be willing to take her several times a day. She would do well in a home with another dog of similar size to her. She seems to get along well with small children.

Affinity with people
Overall, Re seems fine around people - she is curious and wants to meet strangers, and is willing to let them approach her and touch her.

With dogs
Re may need more training and opportunities to socialize with other dogs, usually if given enough time she is OK with them. She seems to get along well with dogs of a similar size to her, but she is a bit scared of larger dogs and dogs that bark at her or approach her too quickly or excitedly.

With cats
Re has never actually been together with a cat inside, but based on how she reacts when she sees them outside on the street, she may not be too friendly towards them!

Energy level
Re needs to get outside for walks at least twice a day. When she is outside, she plays like the Energizer Rabbit, but give her enough exercise and when she comes back home, she will be quite happy to lay down, stretch out, and not move!

Shedding/barking There is little barking. Re does shed a lot.

Needs to work on
Re prefers softer foods because she still has difficulty chewing harder kibble - this is because of the poor food she was forced to eat before she was rescued. She needs a bit more time to learn how to socialize with other dogs.

Health specifics
None. Vaccinations almost complete

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