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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
#Bundle of energy
Basic Information
Jack Russell Terrier
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedUses weewee padsKnows sit and waitCan be recalledCrate trained
BathtimeBlow dryerStairs

Rescue story
Peppermint is a male Jack Russell Terrier puppy, rescued with mother Suzy shortly after his birth from the Chuncheon illegal breeding farm.

Ideal family
He is young and has a lot of energy, and he needs an active family who can get him outside several times a day. It's great if you can play games with him to help him burn off all his energy! If he goes to a home with other dogs, it is better if they are also active enough to keep him occupied. A calm, mellow dog might not be able to handle Peppermint’s energy. Overall, if the family that takes him has experience with dogs, he will learn how to control his enthusiasm.

With dogs
His socializing is going well. At first, he can be cautious with unfamiliar dogs, but he is curious and quickly becomes friends, and then he wants to follow them around!

With humans
He is very happy to approach people - he likes to show off his charming character. He does tend to bark when he is excited, and this might affect young children - he will need some more time and exposure to get used to little people.

With cats
He didn't seem to have much interest when he met them on the street, but he hasn't been together with cats in the same space yet.

Energy level
He wants to play all day - he is super active and can keep running around for hours. He needs to be outside, and he might need a team effort to tire him out.

There is a lot of shedding, as is normal for the breed. He does have a big voice, but he doesn’t use it all that much; when he does, it is mostly from his energy and excitement.

Needs help with
He is still a little unfamiliar with the leash. He is improving his indoor toilet training, but still makes some mistakes. He is learning commands like “Sit” “Eat”, and “Wait” and to come when he is called. His family would need to be a bit tolerant of his barking, and he will improve with training. He does not like bath-time and he is very scared of dryers. He puts up with clipping his toenails.

Health issues
He does need some extra care for his ears, to keep them clean.

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