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Korea US/CA
Female / Adult / Medium (11~20kg)
#Shy at first
#Good with dogs
Basic Information
Jindo mix
Rescue location
Siheung dogmeat farm
Leash trainedCrate trained
Unfamiliar soundsNew environments

Rescue story
Paige is a female Jindo mix, rescued from a dog farm in Siheung dogmeat farm last year. She suffered a lot in her captivity there, and was left severely traumatized - on the farm, her only experience was that the touch of human hands meant death. Since her rescue, she has spent a long time in a training center, and is learning to trust in people again.

Ideal family
This is the start of a new life for her, and she will need time to adjust to her new environment - she needs to find a family who really wants to help her learn what life with people can be. When she first moved to a foster home, she'd shy away from petting but now, she'll give kisses, make eye contact and hug her foster parents.

With dogs
She loves meetng and making new friends. If she sees another dog she wants to be friends with, she will keep pursuing them until they open their hearts to her.

With humans
She's very affecionate. If a stranger meets her on a walk and give her a treat, Paige will have no problem following them all the way home. She'll become friends with new people quickly if there are treats involved.

With cats
She hasn't been in direct contact with cats yet

Energy level
She still needs a bit more time to really feel at ease outside in new environments, so overall she only needs a moderate amount of outdoor time. She is completely fine walking slowly on the leash with you, if the environment is too noisy and not crowded.

There's definitely shedding. She'll bark once or twice when there's a delivery.

Needs help with
Paige still needs time to adapt to noisy or complex environments, so her family will need to help her get more comfortable in her surroundings. She has learned both indoor and outdoor housetraining.

Health issues