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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Medium (11~20kg)
#Loves people
#Smarty pants
#Bundle of energy
Basic Information
Malinois Corgi Mix
Rescue location
Left at an abandoned house
Car ridesWood sticksTreatsGoing on walksFood
BathtimePaw wipesClothes

Rescue story
Monday's mom Tiki the corgi was rescued from an abandoned home along with Logan the malinois and Taka. Tiki, Taka and Logan were left to die with no food or water for months. At the time of rescue, 3 other dead dogs were found. After Tiki was rescued, she gave birth to 7 corgi malinois puppies aka Tikids!

Ideal family
Monday would do best at a home where there are other bigger dogs to play with. A big yard isn't a must but Monday would love running in it. He needs a home that understands raising an energetic puppy takes time, patience, energy and money.

With dogs
He's good with dogs of all sizes and age. He does prefer bigger dogs. He gets scared of barky dogs.

With humans
He loves saying hello to everyone he meets. He likes human company. He's met young children and he was kept on a tight leash because of his high energy and excitement.

With cats
He's met cats on the streets. He’ll try to chase them.

Energy level
He has a very high energy level and needs to run and walk it out.

He's not much of a shedder. He's generally quiet but will bark here and there at noises or when he's on guard duties. He howls and makes the cutest, funniest talking noises.

Needs help with
He needs help with climbing onto the bed and getting off of it.

Health issues
No known allergies or health problems. But he does get tummyaches from eating duck neck bones from eating them too fast.

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