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Korea US/CA
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Female / Adult / Small (~10kg)
#Shy at first
Basic Information
Terrier Mix
Rescue location
Gimpo Dog Farm
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
Car noisesUnfamiliar menButt wipes

Rescue Background
Miffy is a 2-year old terrir mix baby girl, rescued from the Gimpo Dog Farm.

Ideal family
Miffy needs time at first to open up. She needs a family who will be patient and understanding with her progress. She also needs to be in a family who will take her out for walks often - she prefers to go potty outside, so she needs a regular routine. She may also be better in a home without young children.

With humans
It takes some time for Miffy to get to know strangers - she is typically shy and a bit timid around new people, and will not want to approach them initially. Even if curiosity gets the better of her, she will not really warm up and be completely comfortable for a while. This is something that her new family will need to be patient with. She can get scared easily by loud noises, including voices and laughter, and because of this, she is also wary around loud children. But once she opens up, she is the biggest cuddle bug one could ask for.

With dogs .
Miffy is a little scared of bigger dogs, but she gets along well with friends of similar size. She is still a bit cautious in her socializing.

With cats
Miffy seems to like cats and wants to come up to them; cats can sense that she is not aggressive, but they may be a bit scared by Miffy's enthusiasm.

Miffy needs a moderate amount of exercise, like a good walk at least once a day. Usually, she is out of gas after a 40-minute walk; she will be exhausted and quite happy to get back home.

She does shed a lot. She hardly ever barks.

Needs help with
Miffy can still get a little jumpy - apart from reacting to strangers, she can get very scared outside when a bus or truck passes by. Her houstraining, leash behaviour and commands are progressing fine.

Health Issues
She is very good health overall - no specific issues after her rescue. She has been spayed and her vaccinations are complete.

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