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Korea US/CA
Male / Adult / Medium (11~20kg)
#Shy at first
#Gentle and calm
Basic Information
Jindo mix
Rescue location
Hwaseong dogmeat farm
Leash trainedPotties outsideKnows sit and waitCrate trained
TreatsGoing on walksFood
Loud noiseVacuum cleanerSudden movementsTouching tail

Rescue Story
Martin is an approx. 3 year-old mixed-Jindo youngster, rescued from the Hwaseong Dog Farm.

Ideal family
Martin is still learning to trust people - he is pretty dependent on his family, and feels secure around them. But he is such a pushover with babies and children - he seems to know that little people are special. Even when children or babies touch him or pull his hair, he just doesn’t react. He also needs a family who will make sure he can keep a regular schedule. Martin needs his walks, at least twice a day, 30 minutes twice or more. He prefers to go potty outdoors, so he needs regular trips outside - he needs at least 30 minutes of walking before he accomplishes his mission. He won’t even drink enough water at home if he hasn’t had the chance to go.

With humans
When his owner is by his side, he will allow people to approach him and touch him. But if he doesn’t feel secure, he might growl and show his teeth. Sadly, Martin tends to get a lot of negative reactions from people, because of his mixed breed - people think he looks scary. This isn’t his fault - this is just a result of prevailing attitudes here. If he stays in Korea, his family would need to understand these reactions and can respond flexibly to such situations.

With dogs .
He seems to be learning a bit more about how to socialize with dogs - he gets along well with the dogs he encounters on his walks, but sometimes he reacts awkwardly if he is left on his own to mingle - he doesn’t know how to mix well.

With cats
When he sees them outside, he is very curious and wants to approach them. But he hasn’t has a chance to really spend time with them yet.

Activity level
Martin has a lot of energy, and has so much fun when he gets outside. He needs a bit of time to burn all this energy off , but he tends to run out of gas after he plays for 3 hours in an outdoor playground. If you go for a walk in the neighborhood, he needs 2 good walks every day.. At home, if you leave him with some toys, he is perfectly fine on his own.

He sheds a lot - normal for his breed. He hardly ever barks, inside or out..

Needs to work on
In addition to learning more social skills, with humans and other dogs, he reacts to loud noises, and seems particularly uncomfortable around vacuum cleaners. Apart from this, his obedience training is coming along well.

Health Specifics
Martin might have a bit of a sensitive stomach - with oily snacks or bone-type snacks, he often gets soft stools similar to diarrhea. Apart from this, he has no health issues. He has been neutered, and his vaccinations are complete.

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