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Korea US/CA
Female / Adult / Medium (11~20kg)
#Bundle of energy
#Mr. or Miss. Jealous
Basic Information
Malinois Corgi Mix
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedKnows sit and paw
TreatsGoing on walksPawrents
Loud noise

Rescue story
Koni is an adult female Shiba Inu, rescued from an illegal breeding farm in Chuncheon

Ideal family
She is quite affectionate, and wants to receive a lot of love frome people. She is still startled by loud sounds like the sound of buses and motorcycles, so she may be happier in home in a quieter area. She hasn't interacted with children yet, and an environment without other pets would be better. She seems to have a strong personality, and needs to be in home where she learns the rules and can be controlled, rather than being given free rein.

With dogs
Koni hasn’t had much opportunity to interact with other dogs - she has only spent time with a friend's dog, but has not encountered other dogs outside very often, and visited a dog cafe only once. If Koni interacts with dogs she knows, she will approach and sniff them, and overall she seems okay when strange dogs approach her slowly when she is outside, but she can react if a dog gets too close too quickly, or crowds her.

With humans
She seems to like people very much especially men - she is willing to approach people. She hasn’t been around babies or small children yet.

With cats
She didn't have much chance to interact with cats outside the home, but when she spent time with a friend’s kitten (6-7 months), she was not interested much.

Energy level
Her activity level is not very high at the moment - possibly because she has never had the chance to get outside and be active. She currently gets a couple of hours of activity every day, including walks and play-time, and this seems to tire her out until the next day.

She does shed a lot, as is typical of the breed. She does not bark very much.

Needs help with
Because of the environment she was living in, she needs to learn how to socialize with other dogs. With people, she wants to receive affection, and can be jealous. She can also be possessive. Initially, she may need a home where a single person or couple can give her plenty of love, and help her with training and socializing with other dogs.

Health issues

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