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Korea US/CA
Female / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
#Bundle of energy
#Full of personality
Basic Information
Shiba Inu
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideCrate trainedKnows sit and paw
ToysFriendsVinylBlanket corners
Loud noiseGetting picked up

Rescue story
Kiki was rescued from an illegal puppy along with her brothers, Kiwi and Kito and her mom, Aiko.

Ideal family
Kiki is playful and affectionate, and would love to be in a home where she can be around people a lot. She has not had the chance to interact with young children, but given what we have seen about her character, she will likely be completely fine with them.

With dogs
Kiki is always happy to meet other dogs, and interacts with them well both indoors and outside. She seems to be more comfortable with female dogs.

With humans
She really seems to like people - she is outgoing and affectionate towards everyone, and shows a lot of curiosity, especially towards people she meets for the first time.

With cats
When she has encountered cats outside, she wanted to chase after them - she reacted as soon as she saw them.

Energy level
Kiki likes to get outside, so it would be nice to have a house where she can walk at least twice a day. She plays hard when she is outside, and this seems to help her burn off her extra energy, so she tends to sleep a lot in between walks!

There is a lot of shedding, and she will leave clumps of her hair on the floor and furniture. She does not bark - the only time she really makes any sound is a low quiet whine when she is scared.

Needs help with
She likes to play with people, and she likes to play-bite, but she is still learning how to control her bite strength. She will not bite hard, but while she learns she needs to be monitored around young children. Kiki prefers to have an outdoor bowel movement, but she sometimes makes mistakes in the home. She still scares easily, and when she hears loud noises, she will hide under the sofa. Overall she is very good at walking on the leash, but she sometimes also pulls. Outside, she will try to pick things up in her mouth, but if you tell her to let go, she does so right away.

Health issues

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