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Korea US/CA
Male / Adult / Medium (11~20kg)
#Gentle and calm
Basic Information
Welsh corgi
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Potties outside
TreatsGoing on walksRippable itemsCuddles
Loud noiseVacuum cleanerYoung children

Rescue story
Juno was rescued from an illegal puppy mill.

Ideal family
A home with a few relaxed or older people would be ideal. He is terrified of children, and does not like chaos. Since Juno loves to cuddle, he’ll do best in a home where the family can give him lots of love and affection.

With dogs
Juno’s friendly with all dogs who approach but doesn't show too much interest in approaching other dogs. Actively ignores any dog that seems trouble or aggressive. Gentle playing with a puppy, and incredibly tolerant of any friendly dog jumping on, licking him whatever he doesn't care! But doesn't seem to actively play back much. He will gently snoot boop dogs he likes.

With humans
He's curious and loves ear scratches from everyone, though he's a little aloof at times. He runs away from children like they're on fire; once he ran so fast he ripped the leash right out of my hand. He was not aggressive with them at all, just seems strangely terrified.

With cats
He’s only seen cats on walks and seems indifferent to them.

Energy level
He gets 3-4 walks per day, 10-20 mins, as he is housetrained. He is a giant of a corgi who poops 4 times a day...indoor bathroom would not be good. Other than that he just wants to sleep, chew, and CUDDLE. He is an overall very mellow, calm dog.

Lots of shedding all year round and he rarely barks.

Needs help with
He is a very good boy just getting adjusted to life. He is friendly with everyone, especially if they come into his home vs. him in public, but he was just getting scratches from strangers at a coffee shop earlier. He prefers his head touched rather than his body, will allow me to do that but has moved away from others. His warning snaps about touching were all very decorative and he has slowly stopped. He tends to circle a bit on walks to please help him develop more confidence.

Health issues

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