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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
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Basic Information
Shiba Inu
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
Wood sticksTreatsGoing on walksFriendsTug of war
Being aloneLoud noiseFront legs grabbing

Rescue story
Joshua is a male Shiba Inu puppy who was rescued from the illegal breeding farm in Chuncheon. He is one of Joyce’s puppies - his mother and siblings were also rescued.

Ideal family
He does have a lot of energy, so it would be nice if a family could fill his days with lots of action. He seems to like interacting with other dogs, so he would love to have a home with good friends for him to play with.

With dogs
While he seems to get along with all types of dogs, he does take a little time to get acquainted. He is cautious around larger dog at first. He is still young, so he is still learning how to socialize - his energy might overwhelm smaller dogs.

With humans
He is happy to approach people, and lets everyone pet him. He is perfectly happy taking treats from people he doesn't know. He hasn't met any children, but he wouldn’t have any problems adapting to them, especially if they play with him.

With cats
He has been in situations where he was in same space with cats for short periods of time, but he didn’t show much interest in them. Not certain how he would react to sharing a home with one.

Energy level
He does need a lot of activity - he needs an outlet for all his energy. He does tend to get excited easily, so he needs to learn how to control this.

There is a lot of shedding, as is common with Shiba Inus. Despite all his energy, there is almost no barking.

Needs help with
He hasn't worn a collar yet, but he has adapted to a harness. He is still working on his leash-training - if he gets too excited on a walk, you will need to be careful with him on the streets and around cars. He is being toilet-trained for indoors and outside, but he might still make small mistakes inside - he does need to pee a lot! He might also need some training for when he is left alone - he has a little separation anxiety. He doesn't like being handled too much - this part needs training and you may need to be patient with him..

Health issues

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