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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
#Loves to play
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Basic Information
Jack Russell Terrier
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedPotties outside

Rescue story
Jonathan is a male Jack Russell Terrier puppy rescued from a breeding farm in Chuncheon

Ideal family
Jonathan is very active, and curious about everything. He gets very attached to his caregiver, and would be happy with a family who can spend lots of time with him. He would love a large house, or to have a yard to play in. He would also get along well with other dogs who can match his high energy level.

With dogs
He really loves to be around other dogs, and will approach them enthusiastically. Sometimes other dogs might be overwhelmed by his energy!

With humans
He shows affection to everyone who pays attention to him! He always wants people to play with him. He hasn’t been around small children, but he would be just as enthusiastic about playing with them too!

With cats
When he does encounter cats outside, he really wants to chase after them!

Energy level
He is a super-active puppy - he wants to play all day, and it is hard to burn all his energy off! Even after he has been outside, it isn’t long before he regains all his energy and wants to play again.

There is a lot of hair loss, so it would be uncomfortable if you have rhinitis or allergies. Barking is normal.

Needs help with
He is very young, and he get a little distracted easily when you try to train him, but he responds well, and will bond with you quickly. He is pretty good on the leash when you are walking together, but he tends to get excited and run towards people when he sees them! He prefers outdoor bowel movements, but he still makes a lot of mistakes indoors - he will need some more work for indoor toilet training.

Health issues

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