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Korea US/CA
Female / Adult / Small (~10kg)
#Bundle of energy
#Full of personality
Basic Information
Spitz mix
Rescue location
Gimpo Dog Farm
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
TreatsGoing on walksPlayingMommyDog parks
Loud noiseBlow dryerThunder soundsConstruction noises

Rescue Story
Jina is a female Spitz-mix, 3 years old, and was rescued from the Gimpo Dog Farm.

Ideal family
Jina will really get attached to her family, and we hope that they will feel exactly the same way, and give Jina a lot of love and spend a lot of time together. She would need a home that is lively and full of energy, where there will always be someone ready to play ot take her for a walk. She likes to use her mouth when she plays - she doesn’t bite, and she is learning how to control herself. But she will need her family to understand and be willing to continue her training - she understands easily when taught.

With humans
Jina gets attention from everyone who passes by, and she loves it! She has never been with young children in the home, but as she learning how to control her excitement, initially you might need to be careful with her around very young children.

With dogs .
Jina usually gets along well with other dogs - she always plays nice, but she is still learning how to socialize. Sometimes when she shows that she wants to play, she may be a bit too pushy, or not pick on signs from other dogs - but she is learning!.

Sociality with cats
She’s never lived with cats, but she didn't show much interest when she encounters them outside.

Activity level
When she is at home, she is perfectly just being low-key, but when she gets out to places like a playground, she will just keep going! She needs longer walks twice a day, plus some playtime to burn off her energy.

Shedding is minimal, and she isn’t a barker, even outside when she is running around.

Needs help with
She gets very afraid of loud noises like thunder and lightning - She will stick right by your side until the noise stops.

Health Specifics
She has completely recovered from a heartworm infection that she had when she was rescued. Vaccinations are still in progress, and she has been spayed.

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