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Korea US/CA
Female / Adult /  Large (21~30kg)
#Shy at first
#Gentle and calm
Basic Information
Jindo mix
Rescue location
Siheung dogmeat farm
Leash trainedPotties outsideKnows sit and paw
Going on walksPawrentsCats
BathtimeLoud noiseCar noises

Rescue Story
Heidi is 4 year old, a Jindo-Retriever mix, rescued from the cages at Siheung dogmeat farm.

Ideal family
Heidi is more of an independent personality, and is quite OK on her own. She definitely won’t be showing you much affection or cute behaviour. If you show too much interest in her, it seems to bother her. She might be better in a home without small children - only because this might suit her character better. Heidi loves her walks and is happiest when she can sniff around outside, so a backyard of her own would make her very happy.

With dogs
She is initially pretty curious about other dogs, and is fine with being approached, but she tends to lose interest soon. She hasn’t really had much experience meeting dogs in different situations yet.

With humans
Heidi may not seek out attention, but she is OK being approached, even by new people - she will let people touch her without any issues. Up to now Heidi hasn't shown much interest in children, but we think she'll get along well with her own in her family.

With cats
Heidi hasn’t actually been in direct contact with cats, but she appears more curious than aggressive. When she sees cats she might start towards them - you need to be ready to hold tight, and she will keep pulling until you get her away.

Activity level
In the house she is very calm, and just does her own thing, but no matter what time it is, when it’s “walk time” she is ready! She does need long and frequent walks.

There is a lot of shedding - that comes from the Jindo and Retriever in her. There is only a little barking on occasion, but she does have a big voice and will use it.

Needs help with
Heidi is very scared of loud noises. And she hates baths - it will take a little more time before she gets used to them, or at least is willing to put up with them.

Health concerns
No health issues - she has been spayed and vaccinated. She does have a habit of eating grass, but this upsets her stomach and causes vomiting - she hasn’t gotten out of this habit yet.