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Korea US/CA
Male / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
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Basic Information
Jack Russell Terrier
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Uses weewee padsKnows sit and waitCan be recalled
Being aloneLoud noise

Rescue story
Hanu is a puppy who was ​​rescued from an illegal breeding farm in Chuncheon, South Korea. He was rescued with his brother and sister!

Ideal family
A family which can spend a lot of time together with him would be best - the more love you can give him, the more he will show you his character and charm. If Haneul is the only dog in the family, he will soak up all the attention he can get, but he is also fine with another dog in the home. Currently, he lives with another dog at his foster home and they are bffs!

With dogs
There is another (medium-sized) dog in his foster home, and they get along and play together a lot. He likes toys - he will sometimes steal them and take them away to play with them. He met another dog outside only once - an older dog who barked at him, but Haneul wasn't particularly interested - he prefers to follow people around.

With humans
Haneul tends to be a bit timid around new people, but given a bit of time, he will get more comfortable. If you call him to you, and give treats, he will be fine with gentle petting at first. And once this happens, he will quickly become friends with you, and want to play with you. Haneul will follow someone he especially likes, and loves affection and hugs a lot. He also loves being held like a baby.

With cats
He hasn’t encountered any cats yet.

Energy leve
Although Haneul is active, he doesn't seem to be as energetic as a typical Jack Russell. He usually gets out for walks twice a day, for a total of 40 to 50 minutes. If you want to take him out, he’s always ready, and he will also let you know he wants a walk through his behaviour - he might get a bit restless. He doesn’t seem to sleep much at night, and if he goes to bed earlier in the evening (around 8:00 pm), he sometimes wakes up early in the morning - In such cases, if you lie next to him, he will quickly fall back asleep.

Haneul doesn't bark at all when he’s with his family. There is a lot of shedding - hair can be left loose on the floor, or stuck on clothes and furniture. Because his hair isn’t long enough to take him to a pet groomer, you need to make sure he is brushed regularly.

Needs help with
Sometimes howls when he is left alone - he seems to have a little separation anxiety, but he is getting getting better. He thrives on attention and affection from his family. Toilet training is getting better and better, using pee pads, but he can be a bit sensitive about using soiled pads - if these are not cleaned, this is when he sometimes eliminates in other places. As a guideline, if he has used a pee pad twice, it’s better to put down a fresh one.

Health issues
He is fine with having her toenails trimmed - he is very calm when her paws are being touched. Ears have been cleaned once a week.

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