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Korea US/CA
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Female / Adult / Small (~10kg)
#Smarty pants
#Sharp as a tack
Basic Information
Chihuahua mix
Rescue location
Gimpo Dog Farm
Leash trainedPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
Going on walksSweet potatoesSunbathingMommyBrushing
Rowdy dogsUnfamiliar menLong sticksCat meows

Rescue Story
Emma was rescued from Gimpo Dog Farm. She is between 3-4 years old, and is a Chihuahua-mix

Ideal family
Emma likes people and is very curious. Going to a family that would take Emma outside often, for walks or other outdoor activities would make her so happy! Emma also loves the sunshine, and she would love spend much of the outside in the backyard. If there is a female dog in the family, we think that this will help Emma alot; Emma will depend on her and it will be a big help in her adjustment.

With humans
Emma can be quite affectionate. But this is after she gets to know you. As long as there's enough time in the beginning, she'll open up and show her affection. She's currently being fostered with young human children and they are BFFs.

With dogs .
Emma has a curious nature so she wants to meet new dogs. But, she first needs time to feel assured that she's in a safe place. If she feels safe or if her foster family is around her, she will become friends with other dogs easily.

With cats
Emma hasn’t actually ever met a cat yet, but her cat radar is always on - whenever she hears a cat cry, she starts barking! If she does meet one, she likely won’t be aggressive, but she would be interested in them.

With humans
He likes people very much, and if he spends time with small children, he becomes close quickly.

Energy level
While she does like being outside, she is not very active - a 15-minute walk once a day is enough. But she is quite happy just being outside in the sun.

She sheds a lot of hair. She doesn't bark much.

Needs help with
Emma has an introverted personality, and she doesn't express her feelings much when she is uncomfortable. Observe Emma carefully and you will understand the signs she sends.

Health Specifics
Emma has had a stage 3 patellar luxation, so you need to be careful with her on slippery floors or with her jumping down. Her vaccinations are complete, and she has been spayed.

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