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Korea US/CA
Female / Puppy / Medium (11~20kg)
#Smarty pants
#Social butterfly
Basic Information
Samoyed Mix
Rescue location
Gimpo Dog Farm
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and paw
PeopleTreatsGoing on walksFriends
BathtimeBeing aloneBlow dryer

Rescue Story
Dolly was rescued from Gimpo dog farm. At the time of rescue, she stole hearts of many people with her innocent and pretty face!

Ideal Family
Dolly will thrive in an active family. She loves to play and rather play with other dogs or people than by herself. She loves being outside and running in the grass. She is fine with children, but she may puppy-nip. The family needs to be firm and consistent with her because Dolly is stubborn and will try to get away with things or continue an action to get attention.

With Dogs
She loves to meet other dogs. All she wants to do is play. She doesn't know her strength, so it is important to carefully supervise when Dolly is playing with smaller dogs. She is fine with bigger dogs and will play roughly with the bigger dog. She needs to socialize more with other dogs to learn how to behave and social cues.

With People
She wants to say hi to almost everyone. She may stop walking and sit down because she wants to say hi so much. She will jump up in excitement and want to kiss the other person, so she needs to learn manners. She hasn't met any infants but Dolly will jump up or puppy-nip. She's met children and they've petted Dolly.

With Cats
When taking a walk, she's seen other cats. Dolly seemed interested in meeting the cats.

Energy Level
She has a lot energy and if she could she would play as much as possible. When playing with other dogs, the other dog usually tires out first while she keeps wanting to play. It would be preferable to take her out for a walk 3 times a day if there is no yard for her.

Dolly shedding is moderate. I think as she gets older and loses her puppy coat and gets her adult coat, she will shed much more. She barks often. She doesn't bark at sirens and some loud noises, but she will bark when she hears other dogs barking or an unknown noise. She may bark but not always when she wants you to play, go outside to go pee or poop, or wants a treat.

Needs help with
Dolly has separation anxiety. She will bark and whine if she's left alone or chew on furniture. She will also chew on things if she wants to get attention. She also needs to work on manners with approaching people and other dogs.

Health concerns
She has a sensitive stomach, so when transitioning her to a new diet, you need to gradually introduce it.

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