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Korea US/CA
Female / Puppy / Small (~10kg)
#Smarty pants
#Bundle of energy
Basic Information
Jindo mix
Rescue location
Hwaseong dogmeat farm
Leash trainedUses weewee padsKnows sit and waitCan be recalled
TreatsGoing on walksRippable itemsRopesCouch
Vacuum cleanerBlow dryerBicyclesKick scooters

Rescue Story
Baby Blanc is just 5 months old. She is a beautiful Jindo-mix, rescued from the Hwaseong Dogmeat farm, a place we had previously shut down. She was found with her sister.

Ideal family
Blanc is a sponge when it comes to affection - she just soaks it up and wants even more. She would need a lot of love from her future family. She loves to play - especially outdoors, so she might need some space where she could freely.

With humans
Blanc gets along well with everyone - she has that charm and cuteness that all puppies have, and she really endears herself to you pretty fast. She is always happy to see children and babies - she seems to understand that little humans are different, and has never had any issues interacting with them.

With dogs
She may need a bit of time around new dogs, because she can be a little shy. But when she is ready, she will approach other dogs to smell and interact with them - she is learning how to socialize more.

With cats
She hasn’t had the chance to be together with cats yet.

When she plays outside, Blanc has a lot of energy, but when she’s at hom she is usually quiet and well-behaved. She does like to get outside, but right now she doesn’t need long walks.

There is some shedding. Blanc does not bark much.

Needs to work on
Since she is still just a puppy, she is still on a steep learning curve. She is being house-trained indoors, and learning her basic commands (sit, stay, callback) well. She likes her walks and is usually good on the leash, but still gets a little scared of going up and down the stairs or in enclosed corridors

Health Issues

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