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One simple question, where are you located?
Korea US/CA
Female / Adult /  Large (21~30kg)
#Shy at first
#Good with dogs
Basic Information
Jindo mix
Rescue location
Siheung dogmeat farm
Leash trainedPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
Paw wipesLoud noiseMen

Rescue story
Aromi was rescued from Siheung dogmeat farm. She spent her whole life watching her friends get slaughtered. At the time of rescue, she was traumatized to a point of shivering even at the sight of humans. However, she has now blossomed into such a playful, loving dog.

Ideal family
She’d do best with a family that can show her patience, understanding and give her time. She needs time to start trusting a human and gets scared if the love or affection is forced. She’ll do better in a home with another dog who’s friendly and playful who will help Aromi continue her rehabilitation.

With dogs
She loves all dogs. She prefers dogs smaller than her. Even when other dogs are mean to her, Aromi is an angel about it.

With humans
She will gradually open up if you give her enough time. She’s scared of men, tall/big people, and people who approach her too fast.

With cats
She’s never lived with a cat but when she met a cat, she was indifferent.

Energy level
She’s pretty quiet and chill at home. She’s calm on a leash as well. But when she goes to dog parks, she will play like a puppy!

Some shedding. It’s almost impossible to hear her bark but she will whine here and there when she wants food or needs to go to the bathroom.

Needs help with
She’s scared of people because of her trauma. She needs to build confidence when she’s walking on a leash and outside

Health issues
She was treated for bladder infection. Bladder infection tends to recur so please keep a close eye on this! Her left eye gets teary

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