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Korea US/CA
Female / Adult / Medium (11~20kg)
#Gentle and calm
Basic Information
Shiba Inu
Rescue location
Chuncheon illegal puppy mill
Leash trainedUses weewee padsPotties outsideKnows sit and wait
TreatsGoing on walksFoodToys
Teeth brushingGetting picked upSudden touches

Rescue story
Aiko was rescued from an illegal puppy mill along with three of her puppies, Kiki, Kiwi and Kito.

Ideal family
She'd do best in a family located in a quiet, rural home. She prefers to potty outside so she will love a home with a yard. She is scared of children so she'd do best in a home without children. She enjoys serenity so she'd do best as an only dog but she also gets along with other dogs, so she'll do fine in a home with another dog as long as the other dog's gentle and calm.

With dogs
She is great at making friends. Even when other dogs are barky and overly excited, she keeps her cool and manners.

With humans
She allows even strangers to pet her. But she is scared of young children.

With cats
She’s never lived met cats.

Energy level
Because she was being treated for heartworm, she's never fully consumed her energy. She enjoys night walks and does zoomies at home. She loves playing with toys and enjoys running on

Some shedding because of her double coat. No barking other than when she hears something outside the door but there's no doorbell. She barks twice at the noise but that's it!

Needs help with
She's pretty much a perfect dog. She likes getting her butt scratched and leaning on her human like a cat. She enjoys massages and stretching when she wakes up. When you keep her entertained during her morning zoomies, her entire day is fuller and happier. She likes taking her time on sniffing things on walks.

Health issues
She is taking her final meds for heartworm treatment. Her paws are dehydrated and cracked because of living in a wire cage for so long. Please use paw cleansing lotions and towels to wipe her paws. Regular wet naps hurt her paws.

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