Name Glory
Gender Female
Weight Medium (17.5kg)
Date of Birth May 6, 2018
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Eumseong Slaughterhouse
Characteristics Energetic, affectionate, social butterfly, foodie
Training Outdoor potty trained, knows “sit,” crate trained
Likes Treats, walks, food, dog friends
Dislikes Loud noises, strangers (men), being touched suddenly
Possessiveness None

Rescue story
After receiving videos of dogs being hung alive and the bodies of slaughtered dogs being burned with a torch, WEACT headed to Eumseong Slaughterhouse. We were horrified by the atrocious acts being performed at the site. There were additional dogs confined in cages, watching everything in terror. As one of the rescues, #weact_glory became aware that leaving the cage would lead to her demise. She was visibly traumatized and extremely fearful at the time of rescue.

Despite enduring trauma and a near-death experience at the hands of people, Glory’s opened her heart to close friends. In a place where she feels safe, she signals to play and enjoys going on car rides! However, she’s still afraid of anything that comes at her too fast. The secret to befriending Glory is to give her enough time and approach slowly. She loves eating to the extent that she can quickly overcome her shyness. If you slowly approach her and offer her snacks, Glory will even stick her head out for pets.

With humans
Glory is still afraid of strangers entering her pen that she’ll hide in her kennel and bark in warning as if to say, “Get out of my space!” But if you wait patiently and extend your hand for her to smell, she’ll gather the courage to get to know you. After visiting Glory regularly and building a relationship for a week or two, you’ll find her greeting you first and asking to play!

With dogs
Glory gets along well with all dogs regardless of their size and personality! She’s the ultimate social butterfly at The Home.

With cats
Glory has never met cats before.

Energy level
Glory is an energetic pup that needs at least two walks a day to burn energy and go potty. But don’t worry, her walking etiquette is A+! She likes to leisurely stroll while sniffing around, but she also enjoys running around the playground with her dog friends.

Glory sheds a lot. She barks at strangers to warn them off and around meal time for food.

Needs help with
Glory is wary of strangers, so please teach her that humans aren’t scary. Because she hates blow dryers, we’ve been towel drying her after bath time. Training her to become more comfortable with blow dryers would be help prevent any skin issues. Since Glory loves food, it would be helpful to incorporate it in her training.

Health specifics
Glory is healthy.

Ideal family
Because Glory dislikes being touched or approached suddenly, a home with small children may not be ideal. We hope her family can patiently wait for her to adjust and become comfortable around them. Glory loves playing outdoors and prefers to go potty outdoors, so it would be wonderful to engage her in long walks and a variety of outdoor activities. She loves dogs so much that she’d thrive in a multi-dog household. If she doesn’t have dog siblings, please provide opportunities for her to meet various dog friends. Once Glory trusts someone, she’ll push her head into them, asking for pets. We’re looking for a family who’ll look forward to spending time with Glory and give her unlimited pets!

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