Name Ribbon
Gender Female
Weight Small (6kg)
Date of Birth April 24, 2021
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Near a road
Characteristics Affectionate, sweet, likes lying down
Training Knows "sit," "paw," "crate"
Likes Guardians at The Home, treats, praises
Dislikes Loud sounds, being scolded, sudden touch, big gestures

Rescue story
As WEACT was heading back home from The Home, we spotted a dog wandering on the nearby road. We followed closely and found that she had taken shelter near a river, dangerously close to a cliff beside the busy four-lane road where large trucks zoomed past. Without hesitation, we blocked the road and slowly approached the dog with some food. It was clear that she had been starving for a while. Eventually, we successfully captured her and kept her safe in a crate. Since she was wearing a collar, we assumed she had an owner and brought her to the local animal shelter, hoping to reunite her with her rightful owner. No one came forward to claim her, but the WEACT community embraced her and gave her a new name, #weact_ribbon.

Ribbon thrives on the love and praise from her beloved guardian! Whenever her name is called, she eagerly comes running. She happily walks across the dog walk and goes up and down the slides, always checking if her guardian is watching. While Ribbon enjoys being around people, her experiences with them may not have always been positive. Sudden touches and loud noises particularly frighten her. If her guardian’s tone of voice isn't gentle, she quickly acts cute and seeks reassurance even for the slightest misstep. We suspect she may have faced frequent scolding in the past. To bring out the best in Ribbon, respond to her with affectionate gestures. She values praises and affection more than dog friends or treats. By doing so, you’ll witness her joyful jumps, a reflection of her genuine happiness.

With humans
When Ribbon first arrived at The Home, she already knew how to sit, shake hands, and give high-fives, suggesting that she may have had an owner before. Ribbon is a playful dog who enjoys lounging next to the crew members and actors. When you stroke her belly, she closes her eyes and savors the gentle touch. However, in situations where she feels uneasy or fearful, she may cry and exhibit sudden biting behavior. It is important to provide Ribbon with consistent training to establish a stable bond with her guardian.

With dogs
Ribbon has clear preferences when it comes to her doggy pals. She happily plays with her close friends but warns and growls at the ones she doesn’t get along with. Her compatibility with other dogs varies depending on their size, age, and gender, so it’s important to pay attention. Ribbon doesn't exhibit possessiveness towards objects and willingly shares treats and toys. However, she can get jealous and try to intimidate other dogs if they approach her favorite guardian. Keep a close eye on her to avoid any potential conflicts.

With cats
Ribbon has never met a cat.

Energy level
Ribbon’s energy levels soar when she’s with her guardian. The more attention she receives, the more excited she becomes, happily going up and down the doggy slides. Whether she’s busy playing at dog parks or playgrounds, she loves to run towards her guardian and adores receiving praise from them.

Ribbon sheds her fur and occasionally barks in response to external stimuli. When she’s resting in her crate, she also tends to bark when other dogs pass by.

Needs help with
Ribbon is capable of relieving herself both indoors and outdoors, but sometimes she may aim incorrectly at the pee pad. While she understands the “crate” command, there are moments when she hesitates to enter. Even if she shows some struggles, she will quickly overcome them with lots of encouragement. Ribbon can wear a collar, but she may try to bite if it’s put on too quickly. To reassure her that the collar is not a dangerous tool, it should be slowly placed around her neck. When going for a walk, she may attempt to walk ahead, but she generally follows her guardian well. It’s important to control her pace, keep her attention, and teach her that human hands will not harm her with lots of treats and praises.

Health specifics
Ribbon is very healthy!

Ideal family
Ribbon is full of affection, but she also has a fear of human touch and tends to cry and bite when feeling threatened. We hope her new family will take the time to understand the reasons behind Ribbon’s mixed feelings towards humans. It’s important to be mindful of her fear of loud sounds and big gestures. If there are children in the household, please foster a healthy and positive relationship between them and Ribbon. She eagerly awaits a loving family who will shower her with praise and bring brightness to her life.

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