Name Key
Gender Male
Weight Small (7kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Pomeranian
Neutered O
Vaccinated In Progress
Rescue Location A Dead Dog and Disappeared Dogs
Characteristics Affectionate, energetic, charming, has a huge appetite
Likes Treats, people, attention
Dislikes Being confined, being alone, loud noises

Rescue story
In May 2023, WEACT received a tip that two dogs, along with one carcass, had been abandoned at a breeding facility in Namyangju. Upon our arrival at the Ilpaedong breeding facility, the carcass and the two dogs had disappeared without a trace. We were able to confirm that one of the dogs, which had been abandoned with the carcass, was under the custody of the owner who had abused them, while the other was taken into protective custody by the city shelter. However, we were unable to identify the owner. Fortunately, many people came together to lend their voices and efforts, ultimately establishing a connection with the owner and convincing them to relinquish ownership. With the assistance of KK9, we were able to rescue not only the two dogs that had disappeared but also all the dogs owned by the breeding facility owner. #weact_key finally escaped from a hell created by human greed and now faces a new world.

Key has just encountered the real world for the first time, so please teach him everything. He knows nothing about the world and hasn't even stepped on solid ground properly, but he loves people so much that he runs towards them when he sees them. Although we don’t know what his life was like, judging by his huge appetite and dislike for kennels, it seems like he has been confined and neglected for a long time. At The Home, when he hears human voices, he keeps barking to announce his presence, and when people acknowledge him, he feels so happy that he even pees. As he embarks on this new chapter as an ordinary dog, even the smallest things can be new and challenging. However, if he is warmly embraced as a beloved family member, there is nothing in the world that Key cannot overcome.

With humans
Key loves people so much that when there are people around, he desires to have all of their attention.

With dogs
Key isn't very interested in other dogs. Initially, he didn't like male dogs, but now he can live with them.

With cats
Key has never met or lived with cats.

Energy level
It would be good to take Key for walks twice a day. Although he is young, his energy level is not very high. However, he can get excited easily, so he may benefit from spending more time walking with his guardian in a quiet place rather than in a noisy urban environment.

Key tends to shed. Due to his dense coat, he sheds more than other Pomeranians. When he is with people, he doesn't bark, but he appears to bark when inside a kennel, requesting to be let out.

Needs help with
Rather than correcting Key’s behavior, he needs time to learn how to live with people step by step. It would be wonderful if he could begin learning about and understanding the world anew in the loving embrace of his family. Regarding his demand barking, it's important not to respond to every request. He gets excited very easily and often stands on his hind legs, but like all Pomeranians, it's essential to discourage this behavior to protect his patella. Basic training, such as potty training, eating habits, and living with people, is necessary for a harmonious home life.

Health specifics
Due to a positive diagnosis of heartworm, excessive exercise should be avoided. He has also received treatment for Demodex mites. Because of this, regular maintenance of his skin and fur is necessary.

Ideal family
Key really craves and needs human affection. A larger family that can pet him and make eye contact with him throughout the day, or one that doesn't spend much time away from home, is ideal for him. Based on his barking from inside the kennel, he might initially show signs of separation anxiety, so it's important to be compassionate and try to understand the underlying reason for this behavior. If you are a city family considering adoption, it would be beneficial to gradually expose him to noise, starting from a quiet place. Key has a dense coat and sheds, so we hope his family isn't overly sensitive to shedding. Key is eagerly waiting for a lifelong family to provide him with the simple peace he has never known.

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