Name Tiffany
Gender Female
Weight Small (5.9kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Sassy, smart
Training Potty-pad trained, kennel
Likes Treats, walks, toys, nose work activities, field
Dislikes Loud noises, barking dogs, aggressive dogs

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were being neglected in a shed in Mungyeong. The previous owner was ignorant of the importance of sterilization and failed to provide proper care. Due to uncontrolled breeding, there was overpopulation. The dogs were standing in their own feces, barely surviving on contaminated water and food. It took three separate trips to rescue about 50 dogs. #weact_tiffany, who survived in a harsh environment, was with three puppies estimated to be around one week old. While two of the babies, #weact_velo and #weact_chio, were adopted into loving families, #weact_t-rex passed away shortly after being rescued, much to everyone’s sadness.

Tiffany had her teddy bear-like face hidden under her tangled fur! Her personality is changing from being cold like a princess to being a smart young lady. She quickly understands rules and has a strong desire to learn, demonstrated by her remarkable progress in leash training in only two days. Despite her ability to learn quickly, Tiffany can be cautious and distrustful of her environment. When she hears unfamiliar noises during walks, she may stop or turn towards a familiar place. Please allow her to think and make her own decisions rather than pulling on the leash. If she is frequently exposed to everyday stimuli, she’ll become accustomed to them and learn to enjoy walks in the park. Not only is Tiffany capable of doing her business outside with confidence, but she also has a soft spot for tasty treats. Although she may be shy around strangers, her demeanor quickly changes when she's presented with delicious snacks. Her courage and poise shine through as she eagerly runs towards the treats and enjoys them with enthusiasm. We eagerly anticipate Tiffany's tomorrow, as she continues to make strides in opening her heart to live harmoniously with everyone. Each day, she breaks down her walls little by little, making remarkable progress, and we couldn't be prouder of her.

With humans
As a clever pup, Tiffany started to observe and understand human behavior over time. Though she may not be the first to approach, she now seeks to communicate in a more peaceful manner. However, if she sees someone moving quickly or suddenly, she may instinctively snap to protect herself, so please approach her slowly.

With dogs
While Tiffany may be reserved and shy, she can also exhibit behaviors that seem like she's trying to assert her dominance around new friends. It seemed like she didn’t mind being introduced to friends who enjoy spending time alone and even joined them in playing in a field. She may be intimidated by dogs bigger than her.

With cats
Tiffany has never met a cat.

Energy level
Tiffany isn’t particularly active, but she enjoys fresh air and would benefit from short walks twice a day. Although she’s putting in a lot of effort to walk alone, she still feels more at ease walking with her close friends.

Tiffany sheds a bit. She usually doesn’t bark, but may do so in response to external stimuli from other dogs. This can vary depending on the environment.

Needs help with
Tiffany has mastered both indoor and outdoor potty training and is also comfortable staying in her kennel. Gradually exposing her to everyday stimuli can help reduce her fear of the unknown and any potential stress. She used to be very scared of people and would nip to protect herself, but she has come a long way. Tiffany excels at nose work activities like Nina Ottosson games and has the ability to learn quickly. With consistent training at home, she is expected to progress quickly.

Health specifics
Tiffany has a lot of eye discharge, and she has given birth before.

Ideal family
Tiffany has gone through major life changes in a short period of time. Please be patient with her as she still feels uneasy around people. Having another dog in the house may help her adjust, but it’s essential to consider their compatibility as she isn’t fond of dogs that approach her frequently or show too much interest. Even though Tiffany isn’t a high-energy dog, she loves going outside, so it would be great if her family can take her on short walks regularly.

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